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Before we got married, my husband warned me that he snored. I figured I’d get used to it, but a few years later, the problem got worse. Several nights a week I’d wake up from the noise and would have to move into the guest room just to get a few hours of decent sleep.

One day I was talking to a girlfriend about the problem and she suggested that I look into ZQuiet. She said that it was some kind of mouthpiece that helps alleviate snoring. She wasn’t sure if we’d need to get a prescription, but that we could probably look for the product’s website to find out.

I got home and Googled ZQuiet. I found the website right away and learned that while ZQuiet is a class II medical device which is regulated by the FDA, there is no prescription needed. My husband ordered his ZQuiet and the very first night he used it, his snoring quieted. No more sleepless nights!

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How It Works

Snoring is caused by the vibration of soft tissue at the back of your throat. The ZQuiet is a mouthpiece that repositions the jaw so there is more space back there, reducing vibration.

The ZQuiet is ready to use out of the box. No electricity, tubes or fancy equipment.

Advantages and Disadvantages

There are several advantages to using ZQuiet:


  • ZQuiet doesn’t require any surgery, medication, or ingesting herbal remedies, such as sprays.
  • The ZQuiet fits right in a person’s mouth: There are no noisy, bulky machines that take up room or prevent snuggling.
  • The treatment should begin to work right away, no waiting for results.

Like any product, the ZQuiet does have some disadvantages we feel need to be mentioned:


  • The mouthpiece can take some getting used to. Some people complain of jaw stiffness during the first few weeks of use, though this usually goes away within a month.
  • The ZQuiet is designed as a one-size-fits-all product. If you have a very small mouth, you may have to trim your ZQuiet so that it works for you.

Where To Buy

I’m not sure if you can buy ZQuiet in stores, but my husband got his online through the official website. He felt safer going through the company website because it offered him a special deal: He got a 30 day trial of the ZQuiet for only $9.95. If he didn’t like it, he would just have to send it back and he wouldn’t owe anything more. We haven’t seen that deal offered anywhere else, so we recommend going through the official website if you want to take the trial.

My Recommendation

If snoring is interrupting your sleep (and your relationship with your spouse or partner), give the ZQuiet a try before going with sprays, herbs, machines or surgery. Sure, you may eventually need these things, but why not try something that is super-low risk and that doesn’t cost a bundle? Remember, you can get an inexpensive trial of the product before you commit to paying full price and this will let you know whether it works for you or not. Honestly, you have nothing to lose except for the $9.95 it costs to test out the product. If it works you keep it and if not, you send it back and owe nothing.

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