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My family is a pretty active bunch: We love going to sports games and nature walks. My husband also hunts a few times each year. Normally we rely on binoculars for up-close viewing of sports teams, birds, wildlife and nature, but lately we’ve become a bit disenchanted.

Decent binoculars are expensive and really heavy, giving us the occasional bout of neck and back pain. Not to mention you need to use both hands to hold them to your eyes, meaning you can’t use your hands for anything else. We also just can’t afford to buy a pair for everyone in the family, and the kids get restless about taking turns.

We really couldn’t come up with a better alternative, so we continued to drag our binoculars out every time we went to a game or out for a weekend camping trip. But then my husband’s buddy told him about the Zoomies hands free binoculars, and we decided to buy a set. Since we got them, we pretty much packed away our standard binoculars.

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How Zoomies Work

Zoomies are hands-free magnifiers: Just put them on like normal glasses and dial the magnification that you need, up to 300%.  You can even dial in “sunglasses” if you need them. No extra weight around your neck and your hands remain available. The cool thing with Zoomies is that they aren’t just for outside. You can use them as reading glasses, while doing crafts, or to see your television better. If using them indoors, just turn the magnification way down to where it’s just right.

I keep a few pair around the house for when my parents visit: If they don’t have their reading glasses handy when we are watching TV or just hanging out and reading, they can use our Zoomies instead.

Because they are so lightweight and sturdy, they are great for kids: We bought pairs for the whole family, at a very affordable price. This reduces the risk of your expensive binoculars getting damaged. It also means that the kids aren’t fighting over who gets to use the binoculars.

Pros and Cons

Like all things, Zoomies have their pros and cons. I love them, but you should know all the details before you make a decision.


  • Lightweight design helps prevent neck and back strain.
  • Can be used as binoculars or reading glasses.
  • Includes sunshade to protect your eyes and reduce glare.
  • Hands-free design is great for hunters, crafters and workers.


  • Only one style and color.
  • They aren’t the most “stylish” and you may feel kinda silly wearing them.

Where to Buy

Definitely buy your Zoomies online straight from the manufacturer’s site. You’ll get the best price, plus a money back guarantee. They’ll also double your order for just an extra shipping and handling charge. Along with that, they throw in free bonuses such as neck cords and cases.

Final Recommendation

If you need long-distance vision, or just need to improve your eyesight on occasion, order your Zoomies today. This is great eyewear that gives both your neck and your pocketbook a break. They are inexpensive and come with a money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose.

Zoomies Commercial

If you haven’t seen the commercial yet, here it is below.

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