YoureNotStupid to Try the Waterproof GoPro Procam – As Seen On TV Product Reviews

As technology continues progressing, the ability to shoot high quality videos comes in the form of smaller and smaller packages. For instance, consider the Waterproof GoPro Procam. In the beginning, many experts considered GoPro cameras to be novelty ‘toys’ for amateurs outdoors men and sports enthusiasts. However, their longstanding popularity, thanks to YouTube and other social media outlets, proved the GoPro’s technological prowess and staying power to a mainstream audience. There’s little that this GoPro Hero can’t do. And, the best is the super affordable price which just about any beginner videographer can afford.

How the Waterproof GoPro Procam Works

The GoPro HERO is a new, popular model that needs little introduction in this day and age. YouTube is virtually flooded by videos of people practicing extreme sports such as parkour with this camera attached to their heads. The versatile device has also been used to show life from the perspective of a pet. You should know that this camera records video in full high definition at either 1080p 30 fps or 720p 60 fps. It takes photos in Time Lapses or in Burst Mode at up to 5 fps. The GoPro HERO also includes a built-in microphone. Like the camera itself, the microphone can withstand some extreme conditions. Users store data from the camera on an external microSD memory cards. The GoPro HERO supports cards with up to 32 GB storage space. You’ll want to purchase a class 10 card to ensure that the video doesn’t skip or stutter during 1080p video recording. The manufacturers improved the new, 2014 model in terms of usability and user friendliness. The GoPro HERO is just as small and light as previous versions. What’s more, as the title suggests, the HERO is 100% waterproof and should survive many nasty drops. It can even shoot in low light or other adverse conditions.

Pros and Cons of the Waterproof GoPro Procam


  • The GoPro HERO shoots great quality video in even the toughest or most astonishing conditions: high in the air, deep underwater, hang-gliding, surfing, sky diving out of planes, and so on.
  • The GoPro HERO shoots high angles, which allow you to create very immersive videos of your experiences. You’ll also know that you’re capturing all of the action in front of you due to the wide shooting angles.
  • It is incredibly rugged. I accidentally dropped mine from the car window when I hit a pothole. The camera sustained a minor, cosmetic scratch. But, no internal damage otherwise. I successfully used my GoPro on a bike trail in the woods near my home. Again, everything worked flawlessly without a hiccup.
  • As a more basic, entry level model, the GoPro HERO carries an incredibly low price. It only costs $129 versus the $300 one would have to shell out for a GoPro HERO 3. You still get incredible features, awesome usability, and just a generally high quality product at such an affordable price.


  • The battery life of my GoPro HERO only lasted for roughly 2 hours of continuous, uninterrupted filming. Higher end models have twice the battery space. This may be an issue for some of you.
  • It has no wi-fi or social media apps. You’ll have to transfer the files over to your computer to post video on Instagram or Facebook.
  • The GoPro HERO doesn’t have a display. However, the wide angle ensures that you won’t miss any action unless the camera is generally pointed towards the action.

Where to Buy the the Waterproof GoPro Procam

We recommend that you purchase the waterproof GoPro procam on Amazon. Amazon sells the GoPro brand new at $129 (versus the MSRP of $199). Used and refurbished GoPro HERO cameras also sell for less. Of course, the best part about buying something off Amazon is that you get to read a lot of reviews from actual buyers, instead of just the marketing fluff you’d find nearly anywhere else.

I can find little fault with the GoPro HERO. This is a small, light, rugged camera that has far surpassed its initial status as novelty item. There is actually little it can’t do. Not only are the results highly entertaining, but they also look amazing. Did you ever think that you could watch high definition video of your friend jumping out of a plane and see everything they see right as they fall out of the sky? The GoPro HERO delivers just that and does so at a resolution that’s perfect for YouTube. And, don’t forget about that affordable price tag.

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