YoureNotStupid to Try the Magic Finder Lost Item Finder – As Seen On TV Product Reviews

If you’re like me, you know how much of an inconvenience it can be when you misplace your valuable things. This type of thing always seems to happen to me at the worst possible times. I lose essential items such as car keys, smartphones, wallets. I even once left a laptop at the cafe in my local grocery store. Luckily, the manage spotted it and kept it safely behind the counter for me! In the process of searching for my missing things, I typically end up wasting copious amounts of time and worrying that the item may be lost forever. All of that changed once I discovered this new product on the market that promises to alleviate the issue of misplaced items once and for all. I’m referring to the Magic Finder Lost Item Finder. Does this modern miracle actually work as advertised. And, if so, is it right for you? Well, we’ve taken the liberty of testing it for you so you won’t waste your hard earned money. Read on to find out more about it!

The principles behind the Magic Finder Lost Item Finder are simple enough: buy one pair of small, attachable electronic devices. Affix one of the locators to your smartphone, key ring, pet collar, or laptop and then simply download the app for your Android or iOS powered smartphone or tablet. Bear in mind that the closest competitor only offers an app for iOS. After that, simply power up the app to track your possessions. The Magical Finder offers two different methods to help you locate your lost items: through the radar function or via alarm. Magic Finder even includes a reverse look up called two way tracking. Two way tracking sounds off an alarm in case you can’t find your smartphone but have the Magic Finder locator. The Magic Finder is battery-operated. Each device comes with a standard watch battery included. The battery supposedly works for an entire year before you must replace it. Again, the most similar competitor to Magic Finder uses a built in battery that can’t be replaced making it an expensive disposable item. The manufacturers claim that this device can work from a range of 15 ft. You may combine up to 8 Magic Finders on one smartphone.

There isn’t such thing as a completely flawless product. So, we’ve decided to analyze both the advantages as well as the shortcomings of the Magic Finder Lost Item Finder. Here’s what our tests came up with:


  • You can use the product on your pets via the collar. Not only will you be able to quickly locate your missing Fido, but the Magic Finder is also sleek and clean looking to appear to be some sort of stylish medallion.
  • The Magic Finder is small. The locator easily fits in just about any purse or wallet.
  • You can easily stick the Magic Finder to just about any object you don’t want to lose such as the side of a laptop or tablet/Kindle.
  • The app that powers the Magic Finder’s GPS locator is 100% free. It’s available for just about any smart device on the market.
  • The best part about this product is that it really works the way it’s advertised to. If someone steals your laptop, don’t expect the police to nab the guy using your Magic Finder smartphone app. But, if your wallet accidentally falls out of your pocket between the car seats, this item will save the day. Just the other day, I found my car keys that I had accidentally dropped behind the family Christmas tree while refilling the tree’s water.


  • The range of the Magic Finder is pretty limited. If your pet ran away further than your block, you might not immediately find it using the Magic Finder. The same applies to any stolen object. Really, the Magic Finder is best suited for helping you find items you misplaced in your immediate vicinity: an office, your bedroom, etc.
  • The Magic Finder Lost Item Finder works on a battery. You’ll always have to make sure it’s powered up. After all, the locator on the Magic Finder won’t work if it doesn’t have any juice.

Where to Buy the Magic Finder Lost Item Finder

For the purposes of this review, we purchased the Magic Finder Lost Item Finder from the official manufacturer website at I discovered that the company is offering a limited time BOGO offer (buy one, get one free). The standard price of the Magic Finder is $19.99. You also pay an additional $4.95 for shipping and handling. You opt for the second trackers by adding another $4.95. To break it down, you pay under $30 for the set of two locators. There are similar (and inferior) products out there on the market as I mentioned before. But, they don’t have Android support or a removable battery. Once the battery wears out, these competitors become worthless paperweights. I believe that this deal incredible value for those of you who want to keep track of a lot of items at once. In fact, I plan to purchase another BOGO set for four locators in total (wallet, car, laptop, and keys).

Final Recommendation about the Magic Finder

All in all, the Magic finder worked unfailingly during our tests provided we stuck to the specifications set by the manufacturers. I couldn’t locate items too far outside the 15 ft. range. However, that distance covers a nice section of my neighborhood. In turn, this device should help a lot of you save precious time.

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