YoureNotStupid to Try the Body Beast Workout – As Seen On TV Product Reviews

Occasionally, I’ll glance at my body in the reflection of the mirror and feel down about not working out more. Of course, this self disparaging behavior only makes me feel even more discouraged about the entire fuss of everything. I don’t mind the actual work I have to put into a proper workout program. I feel like all the little distractions that go along with working out waste valuable time in my life:  driving to and from the gym, changing and showering in the common locker rooms, investing in equipment and gear if I want to bring something home with me. Even if you’re willing to put in the time and money, you still must research all of the best methods and exercises for your body. Things can get confusing since each source is different. The simplicity or ease of use is probably what I absolutely loved most about the Body Beast workout kit the first time I tried it out. Well, that and the fact that it actually works. With Body Beast, I can just focus on getting my body pumped up 45 minutes each day without worrying about anything else.

Following your order, you will receive  the Body Beast workout kit by mail . This kit includes a set of detailed workout instructions for each day of the following 90 day program. Yes, this is a 90 day program. And yes, you must remain on the program for 90 consecutive days for it to work correctly. The kit also includes the workout DVDs, diet instructions so you know exactly what to eat to maximize your muscle building, and nutritional supplements. The kit simplifies this workout process so you can just focus on exercising. All this comes with the basic pack. If you order one of the extra optional kits you also receive protein shakes and additional supplements to help you along on your journey to fitness. I picked up the full kit and felt quite pleased with the results. The point here is that the Body Beast workout kit definitely does its job even if you just get the basic pack.

  • The product works exactly as advertised provided you hold up your end of the bargain and follow the exercises and diet prescribed each day. The good part here is that the exercises literally last 45 minutes at most. The diet tips here are far from restrictive. This really is the perfect routine to help you become ripped through a reasonable amount of effort.
  • The Body Beast Kit includes a full customer guarantee. That means that if you don’t feel satisfied with your results after following the prescribed routine for 90 days, you get your money back in full.
  • Everything is very user-friendly, easy to understand and comfortable to do. Your limits will not be pushed in an uncomfortable way and the trainer’s advice is visibly effective.
  • Having an all-in-one kit for casual workouts is a pretty innovative concept. This kit virtually eliminates the need for gyms, equipment, fussy trainers and so on. For busy people like myself, I find this simplicity to be a major advantage.
  • Best of all, the Body Beast Workout actually worked for me! I went down two pants sizes following the 90 days. In place of all of the flab and fat was chiseled, hard muscle! I’m not saying I look like a body builder now. I just look much better than before.
  • There’s nothing wrong with the product. However, you must keep in mind that this is a workout instruction kit. It can’t perform miracles if you only follow half of it. In order to see visible results, you must keep your end of the deal and really follow the program to the letter. Following this closely takes a bit of self discipline. I think the results are worth it though.
  • You can still use the Body Beast Workout Kit following the 90 day period. But, you’ll have to purchase the supplements and shakes separately if you want to replicate the experience of the full pack. Beach Body sells refills for these supplements and shakes. So, they have you covered.

I bought my kit from the official website and recommend you do the same. You can find the Body Beast workout kit in many other places online (including major retailers such as Amazon). However, Amazon’s price is no where near as attractive as the manufacturer’s site. They sell the complete kit (including supplements, DVD, diet tracker) for $39.99 (or two payments of $19.99). Amazon sells the bare bones DVD set for over $50. You tell me which one is the better value?

Final Recommendation

I’m certainly not some professional body-builder or gym trainer. I wouldn’t mind having a body like someone in that profession, the truth is I simply don’t have that much time and motivation since working out isn’t included in my professional occupation. I think the Body Beast workout kit is the perfect response for people like us. You can obtain a ripped body in a reasonable amount of time without going overboard to achieve it.

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