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Perhaps plastic welding UV sealer kits are all the rage this year because recently I’ve seen two different ones with their own As Seen On Tv commercials. Not long ago I saw the advertisement for Lazer Bond (see below)

I’ve been curious to see how these products actually worked so I decided to give it a try for myself. Luckily it wasn’t that expensive, so if it worked I figured it’s one more thing to have around the house to fix my inevitable breaks. If it didn’t, I’d be out $20. No big deal.

Unfortunately, my experience with Lazer Bond did not get off to a hot start. I placed my order at the beginning of October and was told that I would receive it in 4 to 6 weeks. I received my order exactly 8 weeks later. That wouldn’t have been such a big deal, but I only received one Lazer Bond liquid resin applicator. At the time that I placed my order the deal was a second LB set free if I paid the additional shipping and handling, which I did.

When I called customer service about my missing Lazer Bond I had to wait for longer than I would’ve liked, only to be told by someone obviously in another country that the reason I did not get my second applicator was because they were currently out of stock. Once they got more my second LB set would be sent to me. I decided that I wasn’t going to bother with trying to get back the $6.99 that I paid for the shipping and handling. Whether or not I get my second set is anyone’s guess. I’ve read other Lazer Bond glue reviews and this seems to be a common occurrence.

How the Lazer Bond Works

The Lazer Bond glue gun is an applicator that holds liquid plastic that acts as a resin that hardens once it comes into contact with the attached UV light. It is touted as a “Plastic Welding Kit,” with the UV glue acting as a permanent bond that works on any surface including porcelain, leather, wood, metal, and glass among other things. It also claims to be mess free and able to perform precise fixes as the resin never hardens until it comes in contact with the UV light.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Lazer Bond

  • The Lazer Bond is capable of holding together simple fixes. I used it to fix a small figurine and it seems to be holding just fine.
  • It does not fix more complex and moving pieces. I have a heavy duty Rubbermaid outdoor shed that has a small crack in the handle. It’s not a complete break. But, I thought that maybe the Lazer Bond could help seal it and prevent it from breaking completely. I’ve applied it twice now and the handle won’t stay sealed. It’s a thick plastic so I thought that it should work.
  • It’s not as mess free as they claim. It’s true that the resin doesn’t harden without the UV light, but the applicator doesn’t administer the liquid plastic very well.
  • There are no Lazer Bond refills – what you see is what you get. When you run out you will need to buy a whole new set – which I really don’t like.
  • I still haven’t received my complete order. I don’t have high hopes for getting my second set either.

You might be able to find the Lazer Bond in retail outlet stores, but if you can’t the best way to purchase it is through the official Lazer Bond website. There you can get their new special double offer for the holidays (which was not the offer available when I ordered). If you buy one LB set you can get one free with free shipping and handling (excluding orders being sent outside the continental United States which will have to pay an additional $10 shipping surcharge).

Lazer Bond Where to Buy for a Money Back Guarantee: By ordering from their website you can also take advantage of their 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Of course, you’ll be out of the cost of shipping and handling which I wasn’t too wild about.

Final Recommendation

I would recommend to keep your money and save yourself the hassle. Yes the Lazer Bond can fix some things, but I would just stick to purchasing glue or anything else you may have used in the past that worked. Not only will you most likely have to deal with the company’s poor shipping woes and customer service, but you’ll have paid $20 when you could’ve gone to your local hardware store and bought super glue for $5. If you’re set on trying out a plastic welding device, consider spending a bit more money and checking out the Bondic Plastic Welding Kit on Amazon. It is close to the same price and has much better reviews. You may want to steer clear of this product.

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