Youre Not Stupid to Try the New Improved Walkfit Orthotics – As Seen On TV Product Reviews

For those of us who juggle with the strain of an office job and trying to stay fit by walking and running, orthotic inserts seem to be a dream come true. So often in these days, people face increasing amounts of back and joint pain, a pain which is most often due to incorrect positioning of the body or due to the stress of a powerful impact while jogging. That’s where the Walkfit comes in.

This is why products such as the Walkfit Platinum are so appealing, and since I’m no exception to the issues described above, I decided to try out the product as soon as I initially saw the ad for the Walkfit inserts. My experience with them ended up being much better than I expected, and I can pretty much say that these Walkfit insoles have almost miraculously relieved all strain in my lower back and knee areas, as well as made walking and running more comfortable than ever.

How the WalkFit Orthotics Work

The Walkfit product may feel similar to your average gel insoles designed for a little extra cushion comfort, but they are much more. First of all, these are custom orthotics (as far as I know, the only such ones on the market), which means that they are designed precisely for your gender and shoe size, instead of being a fit-all average product. Secondly, they are made of multiple materials besides the gel, and they manage to perfectly absorb the impact of each step, distributing the pressure more evenly in order to minimize the stress on your bone and joint system. Furthermore, the Walkfit orthotics also help you achieve and maintain a better posture, by aligning the shoulders and your feet naturally, during walking and running.

  • Most importantly, the WalkFit inserts really work exactly as advertised and your pain derived from running or walking will really be gone or at least greatly reduced if not gone completely.
  • You purchase the Walkfit Platinum inserts and you receive a lot of extras as a bonus (more on that below). These extras are really valuable and worthy of the price in themselves (especially the peppermint lotion, it does wonders for any sore muscles or lower back pain).
  • The price is pretty low, charged monthly instead of on the spot, and the company keeps stocking you up with replacement orthotic inserts, as well as the other products.
  • The only con I could think of (and I really had to make an effort to come up with one) is the fact that the products aren’t available in stores for a greater convenience, in case you need a quick replacement. But then again, considering that the company sends you refills in due time, this isn’t even really a con, actually. All the Walkfit reviews I’ve read agree with me on this one.

As usual, the best place to buy any product you see advertised on TV or online is directly from the producer (or Walkfit in this case). For a price of $19.95 per month, you will receive a new package containing multiple items (and refills or replacements) every 60 days. This means you don’t need to worry about your gel insoles becoming too worn out, since you’ll be getting refills soon, and for a killer price too! Each pack (which you’ll receive the first time you order, plus every 60 days from there forth) contains: 3 pairs of Walkfit orthotics, a sandal adaptor (in case you want to wear the gel inserts in your sandals instead of sneakers or trainers), two bottles of lotions (Joint Support and a peppermint rub), a how-to guide and some acupressure inserts (for the days when you’re really feeling your body tired and in need of a pick me up). Oh, and the last thing we should mention: there’s also an S&H tax of $9.95 the first time you order and of $4.95 each time you receive one of the subsequent packages.

Final Recommendation

In case it wasn’t clear already for my – I wholeheartedly admit it and stand by my review – very enthusiastic recount of my experience with the Walkfit insoles, I fully recommend this product to anyone who feels prone to joint tension or back pain (virtually anyone these days).

If you don’t take my word on it, check out this review for these custom orthotics in this video below:

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