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Like many people, I love to cook but hate to clean up. Nonstick cookware often makes it easy to prepare healthy meals without having to scrub the pan afterwards, but even nonstick surfaces have their problems. You have to buy a whole set of special cooking utensils to keep from damaging the nonstick surface. Inevitably though, the surface does get damaged, leaving you with a pan that is hard to clean and that may leach aluminum into your food.

It got to the point where I was using normal cookware most of the time, and reserving my nonstick pan for only the simplest tasks. But then my husband saw an ad for Yoshiblue online and decided to buy me the pan as a a surprise gift. Not only did this pan address all of my concerns about cookware, but it quickly became my favorite pan out of my entire collection.

How It Works

Unlike standard nonstick cookware, Yoshiblue is made from nano ceramic that has been infused with diamond particles. This creates an incredibly tough, nonstick surface that can stand up to metal cooking utensils. You will never have to use separate spatulas or tongs ever again! Even better, the Yoshi blue stands up to even burnt-on foods and cleans up as easy as can be. There is no need for oil, butter or even cooking spray when you cook your food in a Yoshiblue pan.

Yoshiblue has its advantages and disadvantages, but I really think that it’s advantages far outweigh any problems.


  • The pan is completely nonstick. You won’t have to worry about food clinging to the pan and you can prepare healthy meals without any added calories.
  • The pan’s surface will not chip. This means you won’t have to bother with special nonstick utensils.
  • The special venting lid, available through the official website for an extra shipping and handling fee, lets you steam your food. Steaming is a super healthy way of cooking that also preserves the natural flavor of food.


  • The pan only comes in one size, which makes cooking large amounts of food difficult.
  • While I think the color of the pan is very pretty, it may not blend in with your kitchen’s décor.

Where to Buy

I’d definitely buy the pan through the official website. Not only do you get a money back guarantee, but you get free bonuses such as a mandolin slicer and the option of getting the venting lid for free when you pay for its shipping costs. These bonuses are not offered anywhere else.

Final Recommendation

If you’re into cooking, particularly healthy cooking, you can make your life a lot easier by trying out the Yoshiblue. You’ll be able to cook without added fat and calories, and won’t have to deal with messy cleanup later. Since it’s already guaranteed, there’s no major risk in trying it and you can get yourself a free mandolin slicer in the process.

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