Wonder Wallet Review: When a Wallet is Not Just a Wallet

We live in a curious world full of constant never-ending technology advances.  Every year the processing power of technology seems to double while physically shrinking in size. At every turn, we find new devices that do new tasks we never knew could be done. One of which is the Wonder Wallet.

What was science fiction in the 1950’s has become the commonplace items of today that we take for granted? Thanks to the miracle of the internet and smartphones, payment options are constantly becoming easier, and shopping is made less and less of a hassle for most of us.

However, one must ask, is all of this technology as good as it seems, or is it becoming a liability and intrusion into our lives? The easier it is for one to make a payment via an electronic device, the easier it is for a criminal to steal private information and use it to commit a crime.

The more websites that a person uses their social security number and credit card numbers with, the more potential there is for some kind of fraud to be committed against them.

One of these pieces of technology that has made life easier, though potentially more hazardous at the same time, is the RFID.

  • Made with Genuine Leather
  • Holds up to 24 Cards
  • RFID Protection Which Helps Stop Remote Scanning of Your Credit Cards
  • Be careful of what color you want
  • plastic holder won’t last long
  • replacement parts not available

What is RFID?

RFID stands for radio frequency identification device. These small devices, only slightly larger than a grain of rice, are used to automatically identify an object or animal. By utilizing an electromagnetic field, a radio frequency Identification device is able to act as a tag to communicate stored information.

Information that is stored on the radio frequency identification device can be read by devices from a distance of up to 300 feet. This range is called the read range.

What are Uses for RFID Technology?

One of the most common uses for a radio frequency identification device is a tag attached to an object. This tag contains access codes so that a person may enter the building they work in.

Another one of the most popular uses for a radio frequency identification device is for a pet tag. These tags help identify animals that have been stolen or lost.


There are also other positive uses of the radio frequency identification devises, like universal product codes that are in use in some store locations. Once these are in full use, you’ll no longer need to stand in long lines at the checkout.

Each product will have its own smart label embedded with its unique code, and you’ll be able to use an app to check out without getting in line. Places like Sam’s Club are already using similar technology. You can go through the store, using your Sam’s Club phone application, and scan each item you purchase.

When you’re ready to leave, you either enter new payment information or use the card already set up on the account. As you exit, you show the receipt and have successfully cut out the middleman of the cashier.

What are Dangers of RFID Technology?

Unfortunately, these devices can also be used in automatic identification and data collection. This action has become more and more frequently used by those with devious purposes. The ways in which criminals can abuse RFID technology is frightening.

The better criminals become at stealing personal data from radio frequency identification devices, the more frequently fraudulent crimes can and will occur.

Since these devices can be attached to people, animals, clothing, money, credit cards, and personal possessions, the risks are growing for identify theft, credit card abuse and remote theft, and a variety of other crimes. The rise of every conceivable form of smart device and clothing is leading to the rise in potential crime.

One of the most problematic crimes committed by use of radio frequency identification technology is that of identity theft.

Simply put, identity theft is a crime in which a person’s private identifying information is obtained by a fraudulent means and used by the perpetrator of the crime for their financial gains. This particular form of crime has become so rampant that many states have passed legislation and created special units to try and combat this explosion of crime.

There has been a clear parallel connection between the advancements in technology and the increase in digital based identity theft.

When most people think of identity theft they think of crimes perpetrated via the internet. However, many people do not realize that they can easily do identity theft by other means. Due to the inherent weakness of RFID technology, this provides an ample opportunity for crime to occur.


The weakness of RFID technology is that anyone with a scanner can read the chip. As the world shifts to putting more RFID chips into use the more financially viable, it will become for criminals to obtain and utilize scanning technology.

For this reason, products that help shield against radio frequency identification devices are becoming more commonplace and necessary. For those wanting to take their protection directly in their hands, or to act as a supplement to a company such as by Life Lock and ID Shield monitoring your financial status, physical items that help prevent you from becoming a victim of fraud are available to purchase.

What Are Ways We Can Protect Ourselves from RFID Technology Gone Wrong?

They sell wallets, purses, backpacks, curtains, tag pads, paint, and even isolating wallpaper in a variety of locations. This includes retailers, travel stores, and online stores, and can help to protect your home, family, and finances from being attacked.

A number of websites offer solutions, including selling the products listed. You’ll need a combination of items and techniques to have full protection.

Combining physical protection, like wallets and curtains with radio frequency identification blocking technology, with digital protection is your best bet. Get something like Lifelock for your information and online protection. And get something like an RFID blocking purse or wallet for your in-person protection.

One of the radio frequency identification shielding products is the as-seen-on-television Wonder Wallet.

What is the Wonder Wallet?

They design the Wonder Wallet to look like a normal wallet. Though an end view of the wallet will reveal its unusual thinness when it is empty.

The Wonder Wallet has 24 slots for cards and a billfold pocket for carrying cash. Since people place their cards in their own pockets, rather than stacked together, like in most other wallets, they are more visible. This makes it easier to find the card that you are looking for. And also makes it more noticeable if they misplace a card or gone missing. This feature also gives quick access to cards when you’re in a rush to pay for a train fare.


The other feature that makes the Wonder Wallet so helpful is that it is also a radio frequency identification device blocking product. Each Wonder Wallet has shielding to protect against identify theft. This is, of course, one of its main features.

The final feature most praised in the Wonder Wallet is the design that helps prevent poor posture issues caused by sitting on a thick wallet.

What do People Say About the Wonder Wallet?

We usually go to Amazon to gain a perspective from real people, purchasing real products. But while this as-seen-on-television product is for sale on Amazon, there are currently no customer reviews to give us insight. Wonder Wallet also makes smartphone cases, but there are no Amazon reviews for this product, either. So, we kept looking for real reviews, until we finally found some on other reputable sites.

We did find reviews on Jet.com, and eBay, and the reviewers on both sites had mostly positive things to say about the Wonder Wallet. Both sites give the Wonder Wallet a 4 out of 5 stars rating overall. Commenters love the efficiency of the Wonder Wallet, the accessibility of the pockets, and the slim fit.

The Wonder Wallet comes in a variety of colors, and customers like the options. Occasionally, they may ship the wrong color, and there were some reviews that were negative because of that, rather than the quality of the product.

Positive Reviews

They say that most reviewers stated that the Wonder Wallet is good quality, which is always a positive for an as-seen-on-television product that is notoriously poor quality or flimsy.

Many reviewers also thought that the slim fit was perfect for improving their posture, and preferred the lightweight, slim feel to that of traditional wallets.

The majority of reviewers did state that they would recommend the Wonder Wallet to others, and many had purchased a Wonder Wallet on multiple occasions, or multiple wallets at the same time to give as gifts or keep on hand when they needed an extra wallet.

Repeat customers indicate a good deal, good quality, and good service.

Negative Reviews

What about the negative? One purchaser complained of difficulty with the plastic sleeves. Once placing a card into the wallet’s plastic card sleeve they had difficulty removing it.

Another consumer mentioned that a drawback of the wonder wallet being compact is that there is a lack of a place for coins. That user did, however, compensate for that with a coin purse to carry in her pocketbook.

In recent years doctors have begun to speak out about how men carrying their wallet in their back pocket can lead to health problems. Chiropractors warn that sitting on your wallet can cause significant back problems, and issues for the pelvis.

Even a slight misalignment of the pelvis can cause long-term damage. Sitting on your wallet can create this misalignment, and ultimately result in the loss of range of motion, flexibility, and general health for the lower back. An imbalance of this nature can be compared to that of scoliosis, in pain and posture issues.

Health Benefits

Since a large portion of the population sits at a desk, on the couch, or in other locations for a total of more than eight hours per day, the misalignment of the pelvis caused by sitting on a wallet or other bulk in the back pocket will likely result in these health issues.

The sciatic nerve can also be affected by sitting on a thick, bulky wallet. This misalignment creates undue pressure. All of this means unnecessary pain in the lower back and leg affected.

With the Wonder Wallet, not only do you get a good quality wallet that protects your data, and takes up less space in your pockets, but your new wallet could potentially save you a huge amount of money in medical expenses.

What do We Say About Wonder Wallet?

Thinking about the efficiency of the space, the accessibility for cards, and, of course, the radio frequency identification blocking qualities of the Wonder Wallet, we’re inclined to think that it is a good product. We live in the day and age of rampant identity theft and online financial crimes. That’s why we need identity protection products that are easy to use and maintain.

A product that may help you save yourself from a potential threat of identity theft is always something worth considering.

Even if the wallet didn’t offer the benefits to your health, and the easier accessibility to the cards inside it, the fact that it blocks radio frequency identification device readers is enough to make us recommend it. Since the Wonder Wallet does, however, have those additional features, we love it all the more.

Best Way

The best way to know a product is through understanding the real opinions of real people. So many actual purchasers and users recommend the product to their friends and families. Since, purchase multiples of the Wonder Wallet for themselves, we’re glad to put our stamp of approval on this great product as well.

All in all, we think you’ll find the quality, looks, and benefits of the Wonder Wallet to be more than sufficient for your needs.

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