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wipe-new-7499450My husband and I really aren’t keeping up with the Joneses types, but we do like our cars to look presentable. Unfortunately, living in the Midwest means that they get a lot of abuse what with hot sun in the summer time, and rain, sleet and snow come winter and spring.  Until recently, the only way we could handle damage to our cars was to regularly take them in for washing and detailing. But this got expensive and took up a lot of time.

Finally, a friend of ours told us about Wipe New. He said he had applied it to his car 10 months ago, and hasn’t had to take in his car for detailing since. It sounded too good to be true, but our friend wouldn’t lie to us, so we decided to do some research and try Wipe New out. After using it, we are glad we gave it a shot, it really does work as advertised which we were surprised about.

Here is a before and after picture of us using Wipe New on our truck (not too bad I’d say!)


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How It Works

Wipe New is a special nano-polymer product that restores the surface of your car. You apply it yourself to the exterior and interior areas of your car that you want to protect. It dries to a neutral finish making your car look new and undamaged.

When you apply it to a new car, you can preserve its new finish. Yet you can also use Wipe New to restore the look of your older car. Even better, Wipe New actually protects your car against ultraviolet radiation, water and salt damage. It’s a functional and cosmetic product all in one.

Pros and Cons

Like all products, there are pros and cons to using Wipe New.


  •  Anyone can apply Wipe New, you don’t need to be an expert detailer.
  • Apply only once and it can last up to two years. (This doesn’t mean you don’t ever have to wash your car of course, but after you wash off the dirt and dust that accumulates, your car will be much more shiny than if you hadn’t used Wipe New)
  • Protects your cars interior and exterior from sun damage.
  • Much less wasted time at the car wash or in your driveway trying to maintain the look of your car.


  •  Wipe New takes 24 hours to set. You’ll need to keep your car undercover to prevent streaking or smearing.
  •   Keep it off your clothes, as it can stain.

Where to Buy It

You should definitely buy Wipe New online. You’ll get the protection of a two-year money back guarantee and they’ll even double your order so you’ll have enough product to use on multiple cars. You’ll also be able to  get a free car detailing kit for just a small shipping and handling charge.

Final Recommendation

If you care about how your car looks,  buying Wipe New is a great idea. With just a small investment of time and money, you can keep your car looking great for as long as 2 years (only time will tell if it really lasts this long of course, but hey, even if it lasts 1 year I would be happy).  This will save you the expense and hassle of regularly taking your car in to the detailing place or cleaning it yourself. It comes with a money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose in trying it out.

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