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Magic Mesh is a hands-free, easy to install screen that allows fresh air to blow through your home while keeping pesky bugs out! This product can be attached to almost any door frame, so it is versatile all while being durable.

Magic Mesh is useful in any home or building that does not have a screen door. This is especially useful for people who rent apartments or properties that do not have screen doors. You can add this Magic Mesh screen while you reside in the rental property and remove it when you move out. This product is so easy to install in your home. Just use the wooden tacks to attach the screen to the frame of a door in your home. This is a great product for people who have large dogs that frequently want to go in and out of the house. People and dogs can go in and out of the Velcro screen door without having to close it!

How Does Magic Mesh Work?

Are you curious about how to use the Magic Mesh door screen? We will tell you all about it! Magic Mesh works as an affordable and effective door screen that keeps bugs out of your house all while allowing cool breezes and fresh air in! the product is made of a durable material that acts as the screen. Strong magnets ‘close’ the screen behind you! This is a great feature, especially if you go through the screen with your hands full or if a pet goes out through the screen.

To use the Magic Mesh screen, just attach it to your desired door frame using the wooden tacks or the adhesive strips that come with the kit. Align the magnets along the middle of the screen so that it will close properly on its own. Once you have installed the screen in your home, you should find that your  home feels a bit cooler and breezier (depending on the weather!) yet still bug-free! This product can be used in almost all door frames- this includes most sliding door frames and even RV door frames.

Magic Mesh Advantages/Disadvantages


  • This product is made from durable materials and will last for a long time
  • It is easy to install a Magic Mesh screen right in your home. It takes very little effort!
  • This is a hands-free screen door, so you won’t have to worry about remembering to close the screen behind you
  • This product is excellent for pets who constantly want to go out and come back in!
  • The price just cannot be beat! This is especially true if you compare the cost of a Magic Mesh screen with the cost to purchase and install a regular screen door!
  • You can get fresh air in your home without allowing obnoxious bugs in!
  • This is a good option for people who are renting a property and cannot make permanent changes, but want to add a screen door


  • Some people found that their large dogs quickly ruined the Magic Mesh screen. This was typically due to dogs jumping up at the screen and tearing or breaking it
  • People who are tall may have some difficult getting through the screen without getting stuck due to the measurements
  • This screen does not adequately fit all door frames, so you must measure carefully to ensure it will fit your door frame
  • The included wooden tacks and adhesive strips did not keep the screen in place for all customers
  • The narrow screen may be difficult for some individuals to easily pass through

Where to Purchase Magic Mesh

You can purchase Magic Mesh screens directly from the manufacturer! By purchasing right from the manufacturer, you know that you will be receiving the high quality product you have been promised, not a defective or cheap copycat version. The Magic Mesh screens sell for $19.99 for two screens plus $4.99 shipping and handling for each screen.

Overall Assessment of Magic Mesh

As a whole, we were pleased with the Magic Mesh screen. If you want to add an affordable screen to a door frame in your home that does not currently have a screen, this is the product for you! Magic Mesh reviews were somewhat mixed, but many people were satisfied with their purchase of this product. Some users complained about some of the problems outlined in the ‘cons’ section. If you are looking to add a screen door to you home but not spend a lot of money, this is a great option for you. You may even save some money on air conditioning bills because you can use the screen to allow cool breezes in (when the weather permits) all while keeping those pesky bugs out of your home! At $19.99 for two screens (plus the cost of shipping and handling), we feel this product is a good investment. We give this product an solid recommendation.

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