Which Trees Make Great Wedding Gifts? – As Seen On TV Product Reviews

A great gift for a couple that’s getting married is a tree that they’ll be able to take care of together and watch grow as they move from one year of marriage into the next. A lot of people don’t really think of giving plants or trees as wedding gifts, so this is also a unique idea that’s sure to please any couple that loves having plants around the home and in their garden.

But what trees, in particular, make the best wedding gifts, and why? Continue reading to learn more and to choose the best gift for the next wedding you attend.

Myrtle Bush

Myrtle bushes are often used in wedding bouquets, so giving one as a gift to the newlyweds is also a great idea. This petite evergreen has very small yet surprisingly aromatic leaves that also produce small and deliciously scented white flowers before it produces deep purple berries, making it ideal for couples that enjoy watching a shrub change with the seasons. It is a feminine and delicate plant that can reach a height of around 40cm.


Exochorda is a hardy ornamental tree that is also beautiful and can serve as the perfect wedding gift for nature loving couples. It will grow to about 100cm and will spread about 150cm in about a decade, so make sure your gift recipients have enough room to give this plant the room it needs to grow. When it is not displaying lovely green leaves, it will produce gorgeous white flowers in the early part of the summer, making it a sight to behold.

A flowering cherry tree is absolutely stunning in the spring, and the Prunus Shoegetsu, in particular, is one of the most beautiful of the varieties of cherry trees available. This tree produces pink, delicate buds that will open up into big white flowers that hang together in clusters once the summer arrives. Once the autumn rolls around, the lovely green leaves will transform into red and orange hues that are breathtaking. But these trees can reach a height and spread of roughly 300cm in about 10 years, so be sure the newlyweds have the ideal garden or front lawn space for it.

Flowering Crabapple

Yet another perfect gift idea is a flowering crabapple tree, such as the one referred to as the Wedding Bouquet. It produces a lot of gorgeous ivory flowers in the spring, followed by small, red crabapples usually around the early part of September until around the holidays in the winter.

Giving a living gift in the form of a lovely plant or tree is a great way to show a newlywed couple how much you care about them. Rather than opting for a generic gift that so many other people can give, you’ve given it some thought and you want to provide a gift that they can enjoy for many years to come. Check out sites like Glut.co.uk to find the trees and gardening gifts that will be perfect for any upcoming wedding.

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