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valslides-1493923Trying to get enough exercise is pretty tough, particularly with a family to take care of. I’d love to get to the gym more, but I’ve got a lot on my plate, and I can’t always make the time. I enjoy walking, but that’s tough to do in bad weather. I’d get a home gym, but they are so expensive and take up a lot of space. I know it sounds like I’m making a lot of excuses, but honestly, trying to work out regularly with a schedule like mine was jut not happening.

Finally, I decided that I needed to do something and began searching online for an inexpensive workout system that wouldn’t take up a lot of room. I found the Valslide, developed by celebrity trainer Valarie Waters. Valarie is trainer to many of Hollywood’s biggest stars, including Jennifer Garner. She created the Valslide to help clients and others workout anywhere, even at home or in a hotel room.

How it Works

Valslides are individual “sliders” that you rest your hands or feet on during exercise. The slipperiness of the Valslide forces your body, particularly your core, to work hard to keep you in balance during floor workouts. The result is increased strength, toning and flexibility. There are many different exercises that you can do with the Valslide, including lunges, push ups and squats. Unlike slide boards, which take up a lot of space, Valslides just cover your hands or feet, making them extremely portable.

Check out Valerie Waters introducing her Valslides giving you a better idea of how they work:

Pros and Cons


  • Anyone can use Valslides, you won’t have to by weights in increasing levels. Instead, just increase the intensity, form and length of your workouts.
  • Thin, light and easy to carry. Take them in your purse to the office, or pack them for a trip.
  • Valslides make it easy to work out in the privacy of your own home. No more trips to the gym.
  • Valslides are a lot cheaper than a gym membership.


  • You have to use Valslides on a carpeted floor. But, if you don’t have carpeting, you can either use a carpet bath mat with a rubberized bottom or you can buy the special Valslide booties to wear over your Valsides while you work out.

Where to Buy It

I got my Valslide online, at the official website. Not only is it the best price, but I could also pick and choose from a bunch of different accessories and training programs, all available at a special discount.

Final Recommendation

If you want to get in shape but can’t always make it to the gym, get Valslides. You’ll be able to get a great workout anywhere, even while traveling, and you won’t have to carry around heavy, bulky equipment.

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