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twist-n-clip-7505695I’ve got long hair and so do both my daughters, so it’s a challenge to keep our hair looking good all the time, particularly when we’re swimming, working out or playing sports. For years we just used pony tail bands or claw clips to hold our hair back, but those methods had problems. Elastic bands would tear out our hair when we tried to remove them, and claw clips looked cheap and would poke our skulls when we would lie down or rest our heads against the back of a chair.

I didn’t pay too much attention to these problems though, because I didn’t think there were any alternatives. Then one night I was watching television and I saw an ad for the Twist ‘N Clip. It looked to me like something that we should at least try, so I ordered a set. As soon as we received them in the mail, my daughters and I all tried them and fell in love immediately. Our hair looked great and there was no tearing, pulling or plastic sticking into our scalps.

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The Twist ‘N Clip is a flexible clip that hold your hair securely in place. There are a bunch of different styles that you can do, but the most basic is just gathering your hair into a ponytail, giving it a couple of twists and then securing the simple updo with the Twist ‘N Clip. You can also do some really cute half ponytails, bonds and French twists. Even better, Twist ‘N Clip comes in three natural looking colors so it won’t even look like you have anything in your hair at all.

Pros and Cons

Like any product, Twist ‘N Clip has its pros and cons.


  • Twist ‘N Clip can’t grab your hair so you won’t have to worry about tearing or other damage.
  • Comes in three colors, black, bronze and “blonde” (actually gold) that match natural hair colors, making it look like there is nothing holding your hair in place.
  • Holds your hair in place without the use of an elastic band, eliminating the fuss and bother of having to use multiple hair accessories.
  • Bends to accommodate any hair thickness or texture.


  • While I like that the Twist ‘N Clip comes in natural colors, I wish it would come in some ”fun” colors as well.
  • If your hair is layered, you may still need to use combs or pins to hold back front hair while using the Twist ‘N Clip.

Where to Buy It

I got ours from the official website, because it allowed me to get some of the special bonuses like a style guide and a crystal Tattle Tale, which is kind of a jewelry item for your hair. I was also able to double my order for the cost of shipping and handling only, so my girls and I would have six Twist ‘N Clips to share.

Final Recommendation

If you or your daughters have long hair, the Twist ‘N Clip can protect your hair while helping it look good every day. For the cost of a couple cans of hairspray, you’ll be able to create new, secure hairstyles without damaging your hair or experiencing discomfort. We have been very pleased with our purchase, so we recommend you try them out as well.

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