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I confess that I was totally dreading the holidays this year. It’s not that I mind entertaining, but roasting that turkey is such a challenge. First of all, I have a large family, so we need a large turkey, which typically takes half the day to cook. Of course, after all that time in the oven, the turkey ends up dry, so we all have to slather it with gravy. I’ve tried basting and even covering the turkey with bacon during cooking, but honestly, I don’t like the extra calories that go along with the bacon. I also don’t have time to keep basting the turkey while I’m trying to cook other things.

Recently, I spoke to a friend about my turkey problem. She recommended the Turbo Roaster, which I bought. It’s amazing!

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How the Turbo Roaster Works

Turbo Roaster works by pumping steam into your turkey, chicken, duck or goose during cooking. You just fill the Turbo Roaster with water and stick its metal pipe into your bird. The bird begins to cook both inside and out, cutting the cooking time in half. In addition, the steam helps insure that the inside of your poultry stays moist.

Pros and Cons

I know that you are probably wondering “what’s the catch.” Turbo Roaster is great, but it isn’t perfect. Here are some pros and cons to think about:


  • No worries about constant basting to keep turkey moist
  • Flavors birds from the inside with the optional flavor infuser
  • Cook poultry in half the time, making it easy to use your oven for other cooking
  • Time savings makes it easier to cook whole birds on a regular basis, even on weeknights!
  • Save money over buying pre-cooked “rotisserie” chickens at the store
  • Buy whole birds when they are on sale and quick roast them before carving and freezing
  • No separate power source needed: Turbo Roaster uses the heat from your oven


  • Doesn’t work with roasts, ham, etc. Only poultry.

Where to Buy the Turbo Roaster

Get your Turbo Roaster from the official website. You’ll get a money back guarantee along with some cool free bonuses, such as a recipe book. Plus, for extra shipping and handling, you’ll be able to get the flavor infuser and even a chef’s knife. The site also has a video that shows you how the Turbo Roaster works.

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Final Recommendation

If you cook poultry, or would like to start, check out the Turbo Roaster. It makes the process faster while also ensuring a tastier, moister bird. You might be surprised on the money you save by being able to prepare delicious poultry from scratch!

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