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tummystuffers-6045694Trying to keep my home neat and clean is quite a chore, particularly since I have three kids, each with her own room! These aren’t big rooms, by the way, and storage space is at a premium.

I’ve worked with the girls in trying to keep their rooms neat, but there always seems to be a lot of clutter, because, despite our best efforts, they just don’t have enough closet or drawer space to hold their things.

I figured we’d have to live with the mess when I saw an ad for Tummy Stuffers online. These are large, plush animals that double as storage containers. I ordered a few and, viola, my girls had plenty of extra storage space! Everyone who visits comments on how great their rooms look…little do these visitors know that their “stuffed animals” are actually holding out-of-season clothing, toys and other items that might otherwise make their rooms look messy.

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How They Work

On their own,  Tummy Stuffers look like deflated stuffed animals. But that’s because they are waiting for your child to fill them up! Each Tummy Stuffer is actually a container for all sorts of items, including clothes, blankets and even other toys. Your child just puts his or her items into the Tummy Stuffer’s mouth. Nobody can tell what is actually in the Tummy Stuffer, so it looks like a typical stuffed animal. When your child wants a stored item, he or she can easily retrieve it. These things hold a lot more items than you would expect to which is really nice.

Along with keeping their rooms nice and neat, the Tummy Stuffers are great for when your kids travel or are having sleepovers. Instead of putting everything in bags, they can put their items in the stuffed animal instead.

These stuffed animals are 13 inches tall and expand to be even taller the more items you put inside of them. You also get a free 8 inch Tummy Stuffer as a bonus with every order.

Here is a video demonstration to give you more of an idea on how they work:

Current Animals Available:

  • Monkey
  • Ladybug
  • Dog
  • Unicorn
  • Gator
  • Kitty

Pros & Cons

As with anything that you buy your kids, Tummy Stuffers have both their pros and cons, though frankly, I think these little guys are just awesome:


  • Great way of coping with limited storage space. Kids can store their things in Tummy Stuffers, giving their rooms a neat appearance.
  • Kids can learn organizational skills by using different characters to store specific items.
  • A wonderful alternative to a suitcase for an overnight sleepover, a road trip, or a vacation.
  • Both a toy and a storage solution!


  • Very large items won’t fit in a Tummy Stuffer.
  • Clothing can get wrinkled if not properly folded.

Where to Buy

I’d suggest buying Tummy Stuffers online, through the official website. I got a 100% money back guarantee along with a free 8″ Tummy Stuffer with each full-size one that I ordered. The kids loved the mini Tummy Stuffers and traded them between themselves so that they’d have a nice assortment of these cute critters in their rooms.

Final Recommendation

It’s important that your kids learn to take responsibility for cleaning up and storing their things, so why not get them into the habit in a fun way? Tummy Stuffers are awesome stuffed animals that don’t just take up space, they actually make space by “swallowing” your kids things and keeping them out of the way.

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