Try Go Belt For Hands Free Safe Storage Of Important Items!

The Go Belt is a discreet and durable belt that you can use to safely carry your credit cards, cash, passport, and other valuables! This product snaps securely around your waist and can be adjusted to fit most individuals. Your hands will be free when you use this awesome product!

The Go Belt is useful in a variety of settings. Many previous customers love using the Go Belt when they are traveling because it is harder for pick pockets or thieves to find the valuable items you typically carry with you. The belt is also useful around the house when you need your hands and arms but want to carry items with you. The Go Belt is also helpful when you are outdoor, taking your dog for a walk, and more! It is a comfortable, stretchable product to wear. With two zippered pockets, the belt holds many items that you typically have with you (even most smart phones!) The belt can be worn discreetly under your clothing with no visible bulges or obvious lines. However, some people choose to wear it outside their clothing as the belt does have a reflective line on the pockets which is helpful if you wear it out at night.

Would you like to know how this stretchable belt works? It is simple! You adjust the belt to fit your waist and then snap it on. You can wear it discreetly under your clothing, or you can wear it over your clothing. How you wear it is up to you! Then, unzip the small and/or large pockets and store your cash, credit cards, phone, passport, keys, and more. The belt stretches to fit comfortably around your waist. This product is sort of like a discreet and nicer looking version of a fanny pack!

The Go Belt can be worn over and over again and is very durable. The belt will hold up for a very long time and can be reused and adjusted to fit anyone who wants to wear it. It comes in blue and grey, and you get to select the color you would like to have. This is an excellent product to have when you are out shopping because you have total use of your hands and arms! No pesky and bulky bags or purses to hold onto or continuously push up onto your shoulder.

Go Belt Advantages/Disadvantages


  • The belt can be adjusted to fit most waist sizes comfortably
  • The Go Belt comes in two colors: blue and grey
  • This product allows you to have full use of your arms and hands while you are wearing it unlike a typical bag
  • The belt can be used many times and is durable
  • You can store many important items in the Go Belt such as your mobile phone, passport, credit card, and more
  • The belt can be worn under clothing in a discreet manner or you can wear it over your clothing
  • The Go Belt is lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • It is a practical and useful item to use especially when traveling or shopping
  • The belt has a reflective strip on it which helps keep you even safer when you are out walking or jogging at night
  • This product is useful for adults and older children and should be able to adjust to fit most
  • The belt can be used to store a variety of items at any given time


  • In some Go Belt reviews, Amazon customers felt that the belt was too small or too tight for waists that were 50” or larger
  • Some customers thought the product was not very durable and would not hold up
  • A few customers reported receiving Go Belts with broken zippers
  • Several customers felt that their items were not secure in their belt and that they were likely going to fall out at some point

Where to Purchase the Go Belt

You can purchase your Go Belt directly from Amazon. When you buy this product from Amazon, you know you are getting the real thing. You won’t have to worry about receiving a knockoff product that will not hold up for very long. The Go Belt as seen on TV can be purchases for just $9.99 or Amazon. The cost of shipping may vary depending upon the location you are having it shipped to. Overall, this is a great price for a product that you can use again and again in a variety of settings!

Overall Assessment of the Go Belt

We were really pleased with the Go Belt. If you want to shop or travel and keep your credit cards, cash, phone and other important items secure, this product is a great investment. For the most part, Amazon customers were very happy with their Go Belt purchases. It is important to note that individuals with a waist size of 50” or more may not find this product to be very comfortable or useful. Though the belt does expand and strength, it comes in only one size for everyone. At $9.99, this is an excellent price for a high quality product that does exactly what it claims to do. You can store a variety of items in the zippered pockets of your Go Belt. You are less likely to be a target of theft when you discreetly wear the belt under your clothing. Overall, we were satisfied with the Go Belt. We give this product a strong recommendation.

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