Trendy Top Review – As Seen On TV Product Reviews

Here’s the deal, I love low-rise jeans but, like most of us, my body isn’t perfect. Sometimes I’ve suffered from the dreaded “muffin top” or “plumber’s butt,” which is completely embarrassing.

As I saw it, my options were the following:

  • Start wearing high-rise “mom jeans”
  • Only wear my low-rise jeans with long shirts that extend past the top of my hips
  • Wear a long cami or tanktop underneath any shirt that I wore

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Now I’d rather be caught dead than wear mom jeans. The second option wasn’t bad, but I don’t always want to wear tunic tops or other long shirts. Camis and tanks are cool, and can offer some interesting contrast to what I’m wearing, but they add another layer, which is hot in the summer and also adds bulk.

So I spent a lot of time being hyper-self-conscious about my midsection. I was constantly pulling my top down or pausing before bending or stooping. I must have looked ridiculous!

One day I was browsing the web when I saw an ad for the Trendy Top. Intrigued, I clicked on the link and watched the video. Amazing! I found the answer to my problems right then and there.

How the Trendy Top Works

The trendy top is basically a tube top for your midsection and hips. It’s made out of comfortable, stretchy fabric and you just pull it on over your jeans, slacks or skirt. It covers any gaps between your shirt and your pants/skirt and provides a fashionable contrast between the two. The cotton-blend fabric is breathable and comfortable, keeping me covered while also making sure that I don’t get overheated.

Pros and Cons


  • I don’t have to wear multiple layers to get coverage. Trendy Top covers only the area that might get exposed
  • One size fits all: It doesn’t matter if I lose or gain weight, Trendy Top still fits
  • Stays in place no matter what kind of activity I’m involved in


  • Only comes in a few colors. Granted, they are all neutral and go with just about anything, but I’d like the opportunity to mix it up a bit
  • Hard to find in stores, I had to buy them online

Quick Hip Slimming Tip

One of the best things about the Trendy Top is that I can use them to camouflage my hips. I just wear the black Trendy Top under whatever shirt I am wearing. The dark top covers the top of my hips, giving me a more slender silhouette. (On the other hand, if you are top-heavy,  just wear a light-colored Trendy Top to draw attention to your bottom half.)

Best Place To Order Trendy Top?

I’d suggest heading over to the official website to order your Trendy Top. They are currently offering a really sweet deal where for only $10 + shipping and handling you get the black and white Trendy Top’s and they throw in the grey and beige ones for free. So it’s only a little over $10 for 4 Trendy Tops.  You also know that you are dealing directly with the company rather than a third-party reseller or a knock-off brand.

The Last Word

This is one of those “why didn’t I think of it” products. Honestly, this is a completely simple idea that should have been invented a long time ago. Anyone who is concerned about looking good in their clothes should check out the Trendy Top.

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