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Children absolutely love skateboards. Skateboards come in all shapes and sizes. The latest addition to the skateboard family market is the caster carve board. It boasts a unique design and wonderful maneuverability capabilities that will completely change the snowboarding experience. One of the best caster boards on the market right now is WhipTide. We’ll explore this product further in the WhipTide dual deck caster Carve Board review.

Manufacturers have invested a lot of time and effort into this latest product. WhipTide is fun, safe, and isn’t very expensive. Additionally, this caster board wasn’t designed only for children. Adults with no skateboarding experience can easily ride it to work, or accompany their youngsters on carve boarding adventures.

The WhipTide Dual Deck Caster Carve Board Review: How Whiptide Works

To better understand how WhipTide works, we have to first examine its specifications. The caster board features a high-quality dual deck system and superior carving action. This action makes propulsion or movement/handling on the carve board a breeze. Stability is provided by the double wheels. The WhipTide decks are made from ABS plastic which is basically indestructible.

Whiptide also offers a patented flex neck design. The 360-degree pivoting aluminium trucks offer additional stability. All these elements combine to make Whiptide an excellent skateboard for street boarding. Children 10-years or older should have absolutely no problems using it. However, the deck comes in a considerable size. So, it might not be the perfect choice for younger kids. The caster board is also equipped with grip tape and spiked traction zones that offer perfect hold for your shoes.

The WhipTide Dual Deck Caster Carve Board Review: Pros and Cons

There are a few slight drawbacks to the WhipTide that you should consider before purchasing it. However, we believe that the product has many great aspects that clearly outweigh the cons. For what it’s worth, I found cruising around on the Whiptide to be highly enjoyable!


  • If you are a parent, and you want to purchase this product for your kid you should know from the start that Whiptide is a lot safer than regular skateboards because it has the indestructible decks, grip tape and spiked traction zone. The fact that it is easy to maneuver makes it particularly safe.
  • Since we are on the topic of maneuverability, we should add that Whiptide is a lot easier to ride than normal skateboards. The flexible torso which connects the two decks offers the possibility of smoother and tighter turns. If you lose control of one side of the deck, you can stabilize the board with your other foot.
  • Unlike regular skateboards, Whiptide is smoother to propel. Use of body motion is limited due to the flexibility in the torso design. The additional caster wheels do not require that a rider exert a lot of pushing power using his or her foot.
  • You can easily ride it uphill.
  • You don’t have to be a skillful rider to enjoy the Whiptide board. Thanks to the flexible neck connector, you can do a lot of tricks without possessing any previous experience with snowboarding or skateboarding.
  • Riding a Whiptide caster board feels very comfortable. The high-quality wheels glide easily on all types of surfaces.

This alternative skateboard may look more difficult to steer, but it is a lot easier than you think. It is so comfortable that even people 40 and older reported riding it to work.


  • This might not necessarily be considered a con. In today’s world, people expect their orders to arrive in a heartbeat. The Whiptide caster board requires a few days (even weeks) to be shipped. However, you can be sure that you will receive a high-quality product.
  • It is not recommended for younger children. Because the board is quite large, they will probably experience difficulty trying to maneuver it.
  • Some users reported having to replace faulty back wheels.

You should buy the Whiptide Caster Board from the official website. You can order it on a retailing website like Bear in mind that the board costs approximately $119.00 on Amazon and that you have to pay full price upfront. If you purchase it from the manufacturer, the sale is split into 3 easy payments of 33.33$ from the official website. This price does not include shipping and handling costs. If you decide to buy it from the official website, you will also receive a carrying bag (which you have to pay separate shipment costs for).

The WhipTide Dual Deck Caster Carve Board Review: Final Recommendation

We believe that the Whiptide caster board is well worth the money. Personally, I loved it! I won’t be riding it in for my commute to the office every morning. However, it’s super fun to take the kids out. Everyone can ride a casterboard of his or her own. The Whiptide is hip, reasonably priced, of high-quality and extremely entertaining. If you decide to purchase it, you will never have to worry again when you’re child goes for a ride with his friends.

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