The Tomato Factory – As Seen On TV Product Reviews

My family really loves tomatoes. We use them all the time in cooking: Pasta sauces, pizzas, salads and even salsas. Because we use so many, we spend a lot of money on fresh tomatoes. We were thinking of starting a garden so that we could have cheap, super fresh tomatoes during the warmer months, but were totally intimidated by all the work that goes into starting a garden.

Fortunately, we were visiting friends and saw that they were growing their own tomatoes using something called the Tomato Factory. My friend told me that this was a special box for growing pre-seeded tomato plants. No fertilizer or weeding needed. Just water according to instructions, and the tomato plants grow on their own. We bought a set and now enjoy juicy, fresh, sweet tomatoes all summer long.

How The Tomato Factory Works

Unlike starting a backyard garden, the Tomato Factory arrives at your home. You can buy pre-seeded pots on your own, or take advantage of the special bonus offer which gives you three plants with your Tomato Factory. Place the Tomato Factory outdoors water regularly and soon your tomato plants will grow and produce red, juicy tomatoes to be used in all of your family’s favorite dishes.

No product is perfect, and it’s important to consider the pros and cons of The Tomato Factory before making a purchase:


  •  Supervise the growing of your  tomatoes yourself. You won’t have to worry about chemicals being used on your plants.
  •  Save money over buying fresh tomatoes at your local store.
  •  Caring for plants as a great way for your kids to learn responsibility.
  •  The fresher the tomato the tastier it is. You’ll be able to enjoy tomatoes straight off the vine.
  •  No weeding or special equipment needed.


  •  Can only be grown outdoors where and when it is warm and the plants can get sunlight.
  •  No instant gratification: You’ll have to wait for your tomatoes to grow.
  •  You’ll have to take care of the plants if you want them to bear fruit.

Where to Buy The Tomato Factory

If you order online, through Amazon, you get the best deal possible. You’ll also receive a 30 day money back guarantee from Amazon.

Final Word

If you enjoy fresh tomatoes, why not try growing them yourself? The Tomato Factory gives you what you need to save money and enjoy fresher produce.

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