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You’ve definitely heard about the Snuggie blanket – the world’s most popular blanket with sleeves. It seems such a simple concept, really, yet it took humankind two millennia to come up with it. But, boy, has it ever become a hot item since. It’s like a guilty pleasure of sorts: people know it looks a bit daft and dowdy, but the notion of being able to use your hands while still snugly tucked in under a blanket… Priceless! When I first saw the infomercials, I was a bit underwhelmed. I didn’t get all the hype, certainly thought the price was too high for, well—a blanket with sleeves, and decided not to get swept up in the buzz it generated. Several humorous references on all my favorite TV shows later, I finally caved in and reached for the credit card. I had to have my Snuggie! If you’re curious about my Snuggies review, check it out below and don’t hesitate to leave me your thoughts about the product.

How the Snuggie Works

There really couldn’t be a simpler, yet more ingenious item out there as far as blankets go. You simply cover your body in it and put your arms through the ample sleeves. It’s a one size item, so you needn’t worry about fitting into it, if you’re big-boned. It comes in seven different patterns: Clouds (which is the most expensive), Varsity, Peace, Tie Dye, Skulls and Bones, Camouflage, Zebra, and Monkeys. You can even find a Harry Potter Snuggie! Bear in mind that not all of them may be available at the same time. With it on, you can use your phone, laptop, or remote, and even walk around the house.

  • The blanket comes in seven cool designs to choose from (but bear in mind that they have different price tags).
  • You can still use your hands while tucked in.
  • The new model even has pockets, which make the item even handier.
  • I’ve worn the blanket outdoors and found it to be just as comfortable and warm as it was indoors.
  • The fabric is not all it’s cracked up to be. It’s flimsy and prone to pilling, which indicates that it might be a bit on the cheap side. All fleece fabrics pill, but the sooner they do so, the easier will it be for you to recognize that you’ve made a poor investment. Unfortunately, this seems to be the case here.
  • The blanket doesn’t come with a foot pocket, so taller people will need to struggle a bit with tucking it under their legs.
  • The blanket is indeed one size fits all, but at 11 x 5 x 11in this makes it hard even for the taller set to comfortably walk around in it. You might want to use a belt, if you’re into walking around the house all Snuggy clad.

I think the best idea is to purchase your Snuggies on Amazon, which is where I got mine. The order is fulfilled by Amazon themselves, which means you’re not likely to run into any troubles in this department. I bought the Varsity design here for only $17.70 and, given the way Amazon operates, it’s always possible to stumble across an even more affordable price. Just keep in mind that the Snuggy is very popular right now, so Amazon might not always have available stocks for all designs.

Personal Testimony

My snuggie really got me through winter. As a Florida native, it was hard to live in cold places and still be able to function at home, outside of my bed. I wear the snuggie all day long, doing all sorts of activities. One of the best things about the snuggie has to be the freedom it gives to have the warmth of a blanket while not worrying about it falling off when you get up, or about your shoulders and back being exposed.

Comfort Talks

Comfort is something we are willing to pay for because it is important to people, especially in their homes. But a comfort that is also genius? This type of comfort is definitely worth it! No matter if you are snuggling on the couch with your partner, or reading a book, the snuggie will remain on your no matter your movements and activities.

Final Recommendation

All in all, I’m pretty happy with my purchase, since it does exactly what it’s advertised to do. It keeps me warm, it fits well, it’s got pockets, and it allows me freedom of movement. However, I have read negative online reviews, which means there’s no overall consensus on the quality of this product. Some people complain it’s so thin it’s almost see through – and, in earnest, it’s probably thinner than most fleece jackets. Furthermore, though mine didn’t shrink in the washer or dryer, other buyers reported this problem. I, too, have experienced some pilling. So you might want to check out similar products, since this blanket caused a regular downpour of blankets with sleeves.

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