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Welcome back to ordinary life following the holidays. So you’ve packed on a few unsightly pounds, have you? The worst thing you can do about this is to put unnecessary stress on yourself. This will cause your body to put on even more weight and for you to feel the need to stress eat. Naturally, this is the time of year that people traditionally make resolutions to lose weight. Some people maintain a healthy lifestyle and nutritionally sound eating practices. These individuals can bounce back from unhealthy weight gain with ease. The rest of us need a little more help. One of the things that helps these people lose weight are the nutritionally dense veggie smoothies and juices. There are many benefits to incorporating more fruit and vegetables into your diet while also staying hydrated. The problem with this strategy is that most blenders and juicers out there are either too expensive, inefficient, cumbersome to use, or shoddily built. Is there a solution to these issues? The NutriBullet bullet blender promises to address all of these problems. But, does it really deliver on its promises? The NutriBullet is a twelve-piece countertop blender/mixer which promises to take protein juices and shakes to the next level. Find out more in our brand new NutriBullet review.

How the NutriBullet Works

The NutriBullet bullet blender promises to pulverize your fruits and vegetable skins and seeds, rendering all of your shakes, smoothies, and juice mixes super nutritious and tasty. There are several types of Magic Bullet blenders out there. Some of them are specifically designed to make baby food. Others are a bit more affordable. Still, others aim to produce the best desserts. This NutriBullet promises to do everything in 10 seconds or less. These tasks include chopping hard items (such as carrots), pureeing sauces for meals, and producing healthy plant based snacks. This appliance is completely baby safe, includes 3 cups to drink your mix from, has a three cup capacity inside the blender section, and also includes a bonus, pocket nutrition guide. Its most important element is the high-torque power blade. You can either use the extractor blade or the milling blade in this dual blade system. Your choice will vary based on your specific needs in the kitchen.

Pros and Cons


  • This blender is all together powerful. It milled through just about anything during my tests. I even used it to crush up coffee beans and flax seeds.
  • The end result of the pulverization process is actually very smooth just as the advertisements show. The smooth end product means you won’t end up tossing out all of that important nutrition in the pulp that most blenders waste.
  • Since the Magic Bullet NutriBullet makes use of all the pulp in fruit and vegetables, it’s also very easy to clean. Cleaning typically took me about 1 to 5 minutes on average. All I had to do is rinse out the blender system.


  • The Magic Bullet NutriBullet can only hold a very limited three cups at one time. This limitation means you may have to make multiple uses of the blender (which could be annoying when entertaining guests and making smoothie.
  • This is not a juicer. If you’re looking to go on an all juice diet, the NutriBullet won’t suffice. In that case, you’ll need a proper juicer.
  • Some reviewers complained about a leakage. I never noticed any leaks in my blender. These users may have filled their blender up with too much. The instruction manual specifically states this device can only hold up to 3 cups of produce at a time.

Where to Buy the Magic Bullet NutriBullet

Click here to check out the Magic Bullet NutriBullet on Amazon. I found that the prices were lowest on the Amazon marketplace compared to brick and mortar stores. Amazon has some of the absolute best return policies around. Buying your blender from Amazon will allow you to browse through over 3,700 actual customer reviews and decide for yourself whether or not this is the perfect product for you.

So, what makes this blender stand out from the crowd? You can easily incorporate it into a lifestyle change such as joining Weight Watchers. I managed to lose about 4 lbs. that I gained during December by simply incorporating more fresh fruit and vegetables into my everyday life. Even if you aren’t looking to lose weight, this blender serves as an amazing, lightweight, powerful, and nicely designed appliance.

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