The Incredible Solar Power Liberty Lantern – As Seen On TV Product Reviews

What do you get when you combine ecofriendly features, a pleasing, rustic aesthetic, and ingenuity all in one product? You get an exciting and innovative product like the Liberty Lantern. This new product is both pleasing to look at, likely to stir up some nostalgia for a simpler time sitting by the flicker of a lantern, and it’s super easy to use. Our review should help you light up just about any location, from a darkened room inside your house, to a tent, or a patio. Forget about buying inconvenient candles or battery eating flashlights. The incredible solar power Liberty Lantern can fulfill all your portable lighting and charging needs.

The Liberty Lantern works without any batteries save for the lithium ion rechargeable battery that’s built into it. It has no fewer than four different ways in which you can charge its battery. The AC wall adapter will allow you to plug the lantern into any regular wall socket. The USB cable can be connected to any laptop or desktop computer. It can also serve as a charger cable for your portable electronic devices. Need to recharge your tablet, smartphone, or MP3 player? The Liberty Lantern doubles as a recharging station. The bottom of the lantern holds a hand crank which allows you to charge the lantern on the spot just by spinning it. Last, but certainly not least, the Liberty Lantern charges up on its own using its solar panel when left in either indoor or outdoor natural light. It really comes in handy in a pinch. Say, for instance, you’re out camping in the country and don’t have access to electricity or sunlight. You can still charge your smartphone using the hand crank! Buyers reported leaving the lantern around the house and forgetting about it for extended periods of time. After picking it up later, they would discover that it was fully charged. It’s lit up by as many as 16 LED light bulbs, which give off enough light to ensure the success of an outdoor dinner party.

Pros and Cons

  • The Liberty Lantern is lightweight and easy to carry around (both outdoors and indoors).
  • The quaint and charming vintage design sets it apart from other lanterns. Most other lanterns look far more modern and boring.
  • The Liberty Lantern is water and weather-proof. That means you can safely use it outside.
  • Thanks to its features and design, the product can be successfully brought out for any number of occasions (from rugged camping to sophisticated garden parties and outdoor dinners).
  • The LED light bulbs are not only very bright, but they also boast an impressive life span of over 120,000 hours of use.
  • The Liberty Lantern includes a free bonus in the form of a mini lantern!


    • The price tag may appear rather steep at $20 for a portable lighting fixture. However, when you weight all of the additional bonuses such as the hand crank and USB charging dock, the value of this lantern becomes very apparent. Plus, the aforementioned price gets you a pack of two Liberty Lanterns from the manufacturer (along with a mini folding lantern).
    • The money back guarantee does not cover the shipping and handling costs for the product. You’ll only be refunded the $19.95 for the two pack of lanterns.

Where to Buy the Incredible Solar Power Liberty Lantern

The best place to buy this product is directly from the manufacturer’s entry on amazon. The Liberty Lantern is actually not available in any physical stores at the moment. If you find it online from another site (Amazon or Ebay), you’ll end up purchasing a single lantern for the same price as the manufacturer’s two for one deal. You can only buy a set of two for $19.95 each (plus $9.95 postage and handling). You also get a 30-day money back guarantee through the manufacturer (which will not cover postage and handling) and a special offer of an additional bonus item. The bonus is a handy collapsible pocket lantern, which is great for camping, or simply for having around your home.

Final Recommendation

The price may make you wish to opt for a cheaper type of lantern. However, we whole heatedly endorse the Liberty Lantern and recommend you give it a shot. By all accounts, it’s more durable, appealing, and efficient than other comparable products. It boasts a lot of staying power, ultra-bright light bulbs, as well as an environmentally conscious design. The incredible solar power Liberty Lantern does not make use of any external batteries. Not only will it spare you the trouble of remembering to pick up batteries at the store, but it also has no carbon footprint to speak of since it’s rechargeable. Give it a whirl. You may be surprised at how much you love it.

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