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I hate it when it rains, not solely because the weather is dull, grey, and boring, but because the whole house becomes a mess in no time. That’s what you should expect when you share a home with a significant other who runs a lot of errands, two pets, and two kids. I was at my wits end, trying to manage all the stains, puddles, leaks, and other types of messes, when I saw the Shamwow infomercial on TV. I decided to check out other reviews of the product online and saw that most buyers seemed quite happy with their purchase. So I ordered a pack of 16 and put the Shamwow towel to the test, right in my own household. Read on for my Shamwow review, which will tell you whether or not this As-Seen-on-TV product actually works as advertised or not.


How Shamwow Works

The name ‘Shamwow’ gives you a hint as to how these towels work. They’re an imitation of chamois, which allegedly do the same job – only better. One pack includes 8 large towels and 8 mini towels. They can all hold up to 12 times their own weight in liquid and they can be machine washed, tumble dried, and bleached (if you use them for particularly messy spills). The manufacturers boast the fact that these towels last for a really long time and that they don’t scratch any surfaces.

  • It really does what the infomercial says it will do: it absorbs up to twelve times its own weight in water.
  • Using these pieces of cloth is a great idea for pet owners, who otherwise have trouble drying up Fido after his walk in the rain.
  • Sham wow cloths can be used safely and effectively instead of traditional chamois cloth, terry towels, paper towels, and other types of cloths and fabrics that people typically use for house work.
  • The fabric does not scratch any sheer metallic surfaces, unlike terry cloth. The former leaves spider web scratches, but it is absolutely safe to use.
  • Some buyers have mentioned the fact that, while the cloths do absorb the water very quickly, they are not as quick to dry out as one might expect them to be. I haven’t personally experienced this, but, then again, I’ve only used the Shamwow towel around the house – mostly in the kitchen and to clean up the messes made by pets, kids, and other residents.
  • Since they’re relatively small, many users advise against trying to dry cars or boats with them. In fact, they’re basically saying Shamwow is not that helpful when working outdoors.
  • Since there is a significant number of very negative Shamwow reviews online, it may make you wonder what the deal is with this product. As some buyers have suggested, you should check out where it is manufactured before you buy. That’s because quality has been found to vary from one country to the next.

I recommend buying Shamwow online like I did, since I had absolutely no problems with my order. It was processed and delivered quickly and the customer support service (which I called to track my order a short while after placing it) was very professional. One 12-piece pack, which includes 8 large towels and 8 mini towels is currently selling for $27.99, plus $7.13 for shipping and handling. Special offers (like buy one, get one free) may be available occasionally, on the producer’s website.

Final Recommendation

I actually can’t believe how happy I am about Sham Wow. Like most of you out there, I’ve had my fair share of bad experiences with As-Seen-on-TV products. They promise you the moon and then completely fail to deliver. This is definitely not the case with them. They actually do absorb a lot of water in a very short time and can be safely washed. I’m particularly happy to have found a simple solution for drying off my pets and I do plan on testing them on my car, too. That’s because I’ve tested them for scratches and realized that they really don’t cause any.

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