The Grab Bags Reusable Grocery Bags – As Seen On TV Product Reviews

Spring is here and along with it, we may have much shopping ahead of us. Along with the warm season that comes, so do greater needs of grooming our house, cars, yard and our clothes and so on. I don’t know about you, but spring is definitely the time of the year when I feel a sudden rise in the amount of general purpose shopping I tend to do, so I appreciate all the help I can get. On the other hand, shopping isn’t an easy task at any point during the year, because juggling all the tasks like pushing the cart, handling the money, the wallet, the coupons, the phone, selecting and handling the groceries and so on isn’t such a simple task. Of course almost anyone can do it, but it can be tedious and clumsy and boring and most of the time it required multiple shopping trips to get everything done. This is why I was very intrigued and hopeful when I saw the ad for the Grab Bags As Seen on TV, and needed to try them right away to find out if we should be skeptical about them or not.

The Grab Bags are a pair of reusable grocery bags that come with a clip to cart system which promises to last a long while under serious pressure. The clips are tightly sealed to the bag’s margins and they can be fastened to the top of the shopping cart while you shop, also expanding the bag at the same time. Then, you can put your shopped items directly into the bag, expanding it to full size (each bag can hold the products which would normally fit in 2 plastic bags, so you can shop for the equivalent of 4 plastic bags at a time easily with the grab bags). Each bag also comes with a useful front pocket which can accommodate your shopping list, wallet, coupons or cell phone for a better grip on organizing everything conveniently.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Grab Bag


  • The cling to cart system of the Grab Bag really works as promised and I haven’t experienced any problems with it, nor have any of the other customers who tried the product.
  • The bag’s material is sturdy and indeed resists all the shopping trips you could want for a long while. I’ve had mine for a couple of months now and they still don’t show any signs of deterioration.
  • The front pocket is indeed useful and with a generous inner space, so you can easily store delicate and essential items in there while shopping, for greater ease.
  • The Grab Bags As Seen on TV deliver everything they promised in the ad and more: they don’t move at all in the back of the car, they can be easily folded away once you get home, they enable you to empty their contents super-fast directly on the checkout belt and so on.


  • Some clients complained that the grab bags are made from a material which is too cheap for their $15 price, even if the material doesn’t really affect the quality of the product in any way. Their point was that since the bags are made from the same kind of fabric as any other reusable shopping bags, they should also come with a lower price. However, if you should feel that the bags look too cheap or too common for your tastes, you can also opt for the deluxe variant of the Grab Bag, which offers you a pair of really trendy reusable shopping bags.
  • They may be troublesome to fit on large grocery carts as the ones at Costco, but they fit standard shopping carts just fine.

Where to Get the Grab Bag

As usual, the best way to buy this product is directly from the official website or by calling the hotline indicated in the TV ad. You can buy a pair of Grab Bags for $15, and although that is indeed a bit pricey, I would recommend going for it if you too are tired of endless shopping trips. It is pricey, but the idea totally makes your life easier so it’s worth it in my opinion.

All in all, the Grab Bag is a good idea that fits perfectly into our shopping habits and the carts we use to load our groceries. With a pair of Grab Bags, you can finish what would otherwise be a 8 trip shopping session in just 2 trips, and you’ll also be more organized and less annoyed if you can move faster and have a better grip on where you’ve put your shopping list, your coupons and so on.

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