The Fix It Pen Scratch Remover Review – As Seen On TV Product Reviews

One of my co-workers came in the other day in a very bad mood. Someone had keyed his car. He was looking at a hefty repair bill. Some of us got online and started looking around for a DIY car repair product. We happened upon the Fix It Pen Scratch Remover. We decided to investigate into it a bit more. The product sounded appealing: A simple pen that can easily take vanish scratches without expensive professionals getting involved. Read on to learn about what we discovered.

How the Fix It Pen Scratch Remover Works

The idea behind Fix It! is that you can use the product to simply paint over scratches on your car. Once the product is applied, the scratch is camouflaged. Unlike some products, you don’t have to match the color of the product to your car. You also won’t need any special equipment for making the repair. Instead, the Fix It Pen Scratch Remover comes in a pen-like dispenser for easy application.

Pros and Cons of the Fix It Pen Scratch Remover

Before making a purchase, have a look at what we’ve learned about Fix It!:


  • The pen container makes carrying this product easy. Just slip it into your glove compartment.
  • Application is also easy: Just take off the cap and apply to the scratch.
  • If you find that it works, you can avoid expensive repairs.


  • Many people who have purchased this product claim that it doesn’t work as advertised. Some people even claimed that the product worsened their damage.
  • If Fix It Pen Scratch Remover does increase the damage, you’re left with two choices: Leave your car’s paint damaged or take your car to the shop for an expensive repair.

Where to Buy the Fix It Pen Scratch Remover

The official website offers a good deal for the money. If you buy one Fix It Pen Scratch Remover, you get another one, plus a microfiber cloth and a handvac all for the price of the single pen and shipping. There is also a money back offer. Make sure you read it carefully. You won’t get your postage and handling back, for example.

Final Word

While the Fix It Pen Scratch Remover sounds like a great product, the reality is that many car owners say it doesn’t work. My friend tried it and it appeared to cover up his scratch marginally. However, I certainly wouldn’t say the scratch ‘magically disappeared’. The pen certainly didn’t cause any damage to his paint job. It’s up to you, of course, to decide whether you want to give it a try. If you do, use it with caution. If the scratch becomes any worse, you may have to immediately take it into the paint shop. If you’re not comfortable using this product, there are many competitors to the Fix It Pen Scratch Remover.


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