The Fast Acting BeActive Brace for Sciatic Nerve Pain – As Seen On TV Product Reviews

If you’re like many people, you probably also suffer from back pain. Sever back pain prevents you from bending, keeps you awake at night, and won’t allow you to enjoy life to the fullest. Lower back pain serves as one of the most common health issues in today’s society. We still haven’t found a sure-proof cure to alleviate it. Some people turn to acupuncture. Other people treat back pain with medication, physical therapy or even chiropractors. In the past month, more and more individuals suffering from sciatic nerve pain have been ordering the fast acting BeActive Brace for sciatic nerve pain.

This revolutionary product claims that it can get rid of your lower back pain resulting from sciatic nerve injury. The patented pressure pad inside the brace relieves pain by alleviating the damaged sciatic nerve that sends pain signals up your leg. Manufacturers actually say that the brace, once applied, can almost instantly alleviate back-pain caused by the sciatic nerve.

How the Fast Acting BeActive Brace for Sciatic Nerve Pain Works

You can wear the adjustable brace on your right or left leg. Acupressure reduces sciatic nerve impulses that would otherwise travel up your legs and through your lower back. As a side note, the lower back also radiates pain to other extremities. To ensure that the BeActive Brace works properly, you must slide it along the calf of your appropriate leg (depending on which side you wear) and tighten it near your pressure point with the Velcro. The device then applies a targeted amount of pressure on a specific pressure point. This results in “firm trigger point acupressure.”

Pros and Cons

Unfortunately, the BeActive Brace is not perfect. Although the beneficial effects of the brace are obvious and nearly instantaneous, a number of reviewers posted contrasting opinions about the brace online. Before listing the pros and cons we would like to add that the BeActive Brace is not the universal solution for all individuals with back pains or sciatic nerve problems. Much like medical treatment may not work the same way on every patient, results of the BeActive brace may vary from one user to the next. Nevertheless, considering that it only costs $36 and has the potential to alleviate this debilitating pain once and for all, we believe that it is worth a try. Also, I would like to note that I personally tried the fast acting BeActive Brace for sciatic nerve pain. While I may not suffer from back pain myself, the brace seemed to alleviate pressure or “weight” off of my lower back roughly 15 minutes after putting it on.


  • It can be used for short term and chronic pain relief
  • The brace is comfortable. It will not create discomfort while exercising, walking or working. It also stays firm on the leg.
  • You can hide it under clothes and even sleep with it. The brace is very light weight and comfortable.
  • It’s easy and quick to use.


  • It may take a few weeks to have your product delivered
  • Customer service isn’t the easiest system
  • You have to pay extra for an upgrade

Where to Buy the BeActive Brace

In general, the official website for the company currently stands as the most reliable place to shop for this product. You can certainly shop for the brace in other locations. But, you’ll only benefit from the 30-day money-back guarantee at the manufacturer’s site.

As far as the price goes, you will end up paying around $36.99. This price includes the cost of the first brace (the second brace is free) and the cost of the shipping for the two braces. In the commercial you are told that the brace costs $19.99 and you will also receive a second one for free. However, if you read the Fine Print, you notice additional shipping and handling exists for the entire set.

Final Recommendation

All in all, the BeActive Brace shows great potential. People who have tried it out already reported significant improvement in their lower back pain. As a matter of fact, the only negative reviews that you will find online complain about the slow shipping service. The BeActive Brace works, as long as you use it appropriately. The instructions page clearly states that you must get “at least 30 minutes of exercise” every day to alleviate sciatica. So as long as you wear the brace and dedicate 30 minutes of your day to mild exercises, you should feel better.

Considering that this product comes with an easy to use 30 day money back guarantee, what do you have to lose? If the BeActive Brace proves completely useless for your pains, you can always send it back and receive a full refund.

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