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In today’s world, back pains have become a problem for virtually everyone no matter their age or level of physical activity. If you’re already past your mid-twenties, chances are that you’ve begun to experience some degree of back pain yourself as the result of an active life filled with intense workouts (which results in soreness and nerve tenderness in your back), or due to long office hours sitting at your desk (which leaves your lower back region tender and prone to nerve pain).

I’m no stranger to the hassles of back pain. I’ve tried my fair share of pain relief products and felt more or less displeased with the results. When I saw the ad for the new Copper Fit back belt, I felt hesitant to try yet another compression brace which promised instant relief. Afterwards, I decided to try it anyway as a piece of fitness clothing. I figured it can’t hurt and I need a new piece of gym wear anyway. Wearing it, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Copper Fit actually works on the back pain issues and doubles as a sufficient fitness garment.

How the Copper Fit Back Pro Works

Will this back brace from Copper Fit solve your back pains?

This new Copper Fit product (you may also remember our review for the Copper Fit Knee Sleeve from a while back) is basically a back brace made from a professional stretch fabric infused with copper wires. The belt adds extra comfort and sustains your lower back region during the day, helping you go about your daily activities without stress or impending discomfort. It feels as if your back is held together tightly. You also have a small cushion strapped to it the whole time. The Copper Fit compression device prevents sweating and the usual build-up of bacteria/odors usually associated with fitness wear. This technique is thanks to the copper wiring with outstanding anti-bacterial properties.

The light compression of the Copper Fit Back Pro acts as an accurate nerve soother and diffuses the pressure in just the right ways to make your back feel wonderful. To this basic functionality I would also add the observation that the compression belt looks pretty nice as well, so you won’t feel like wearing an old people’s clothing item, but on the contrary, it looks like a piece of professional fitness clothing for highly active people (and in a way it is one as well). You can either wear it on top at the gym, or wear it out of sight underneath your office clothes or simply around the house.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Copper Fit Back Pro

  • First of all, the back brace really works! It really relieved my back pain. It also worked in the experiences of other users I’ve read about in the Copper Fit reviews available online. No more back pain no matter if you’re highly active or stuck at a desk.
  • As mentioned above, the Copper Fit looks nice. The manufacturers also make the brace in a gender-neutral color option (black with the copper wiring inserts). If a product manages to look good while functioning, I’m all in.
  • The price is pretty low considering the normal prices with these niche products. This back brace only costs $18 excluding shippings and handling (which are removed if you buy two braces).
  • The antibacterial properties of the copper wires work efficiently as well preventing both unpleasant odors and excessive sweating. I’m not sure how others fared, but the brace really seemed to prevent my sweating.
  • Some users complained that even though the compression brace is comfortable and seems to work well for supporting the back, it tends to fold during the daily use. This creates a mild aesthetic displeasure.

You can buy the Copper Fit back brace from the official website. where you can find it available in multiple sizes, according to waist measurements. The price per unit is $18, but the shipping and handling fees are removed when you place an order of two for $35. You’ll receive two Copper Fit back braces without the S&H costs!

Final Recommendation

In case it wasn’t clear up to this point, I wholeheartedly recommend the Copper Fit Back Pro to anyone struggling with some degree of back pains or anyone who wants to maintain their mobility for as long as possible.

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