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The Bit 360 is not exactly a new concept: it’s a typical multi bit screwdriver, but one that was designed to last. The first time using it, I realized this modular screwdriver is sturdy enough to last me an entire lifetime of home repairs. To boot, when I first used it, I realized I would never have to ransack my home, in search of just the right screwdriver and/or bit. The Bit 360 allows you to focus on the truly important things, such as getting the fixing job done. Check out our Bit 360 review below and don’t hesitate to tell us how you got along with this screwdriver in our comment section.

How the Bit 360 Screwdriver Bits Works

Check out our product review for the Bit 360 Multi Bit Screwdriver

The Bit 360 is a modular screwdriver, which comes equipped with a rotating chamber that holds up to 5 bits at the same time. This mechanism, allows the user to simply and efficiently alternate between bits. To do so, all you need is to pull the chamber out, rotate it to switch the bit, then push the barrel back in. It’s also compatible with the most frequently used types of bits, so there’s no need to worry that you’ll have to throw all your other screwdriver bit set away. Check it out in action in the video below:

  • The Bit 360 screwdriver bit set includes the most frequently used bits on the market nowadays: 3 Philips bits and 3 flatheads. In fact, the screwdriver’s ¼ inch base renders it compatible with most of the bits you probably already have stashed away in your toolkit.
  • As far as ease of use is concerned, it doesn’t get much better than the 360. The rotating chamber makes changing bits a breeze. It turns a previous source of annoyance (not finding the right bit, or having to look for a whole different screwdriver altogether) into no problem at all.
  • Forget constantly having to run around the house, in search of the right tool for your home improvement project. The 360 makes sure you have all the screwdriver bits right where you need them – at your fingertips.
  • I was actually hard-pressed to find something I didn’t like about this modular screwdriver. As mentioned in another online Bit 360 review, it’s true that the rotating chamber doesn’t seem that durable on first glance, since it’s made of plastic. However, personal use and testing didn’t reveal any actual problems because of this choice of material.

The best offer for the 360 that we could find is the one advertised on the product’s official website. There’s a 12-month money back full guarantee in place there, which clearly specifies what you need to do, in order to receive a refund. When buying off the website, you also get access to a ‘buy one, get one free offer’. Simply pay $10 for the first screwdriver, add two postage and handling payments (that’s $4.95 a pop) and you’ll also receive a second screwdriver, for no extra costs whatsoever. The website is transparent and easy to use, it allows clients to order the 360 in Spanish and also includes several payment options: the most often used types of credit cards, PayPal, and purchases via Amazon. Sales taxes are levied for certain states (NY, NV, CA, and others), while residents in remote locations, such as Canada, Guam, Hawaii, and the US Virgin Islands will also have to pay an extra $10.

Final Recommendation

By and large, I don’t really remember the last time I was this happy with an As Seen on TV product as the 360 modular screwdriver made me. As a female homeowner, it meant a lot to me that I no longer had to trip over my husband’s numerous screwdrivers and screwdriver bit set. The Bit 360 acts like all of them rolled into one. I’m seriously considering gifting this tool to most of the guys I know, who like to handle their own home repairs. Until the holidays roll around, I know I’ll continue to use the 360 as often as I need to.

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