The Best 5 Ways to Increase Your Floor Space Without Moving Home – As Seen On TV Product Reviews

When we started out on the property ladder, most of us bought a simple property that, though suitable at the time, we knew we would move out of in the future; after all, that was what our parents had done. The trouble is that sometimes our circumstances do not allow us to move. There may be problems due to work commitments, an unwell parent, or even schooling for the kids to think about. So what do we do if we need extra space, but a house move is out of the question? That’s simple… we increase the floor space where we live.


At 71%, building an extension on a property gives you one the highest returns on investment in your property, and gives you great scope for purpose and design. Many people are put off by the original outlay, and there can often be problems caused by planning permission, but there is no doubt that an extension is perfect for most people. If you have the land, the size of your extension is only limited by planning and the money you wish to spend, and even with only a little land you could still have a double extension built, adding even greater space and value.

Summer Room

This is a great option if you want to simply add a room to relax in or if you want a more practical room, and can move your dining room (or other) into the summer room. The cost of a summer room is certainly less than an extension and, contrary to the name, it can be used all year round with suitable heating installed. Summer rooms are a great place to sit and enjoy days due to their light and airy atmosphere, but can be adapted for nearly any use.

Loft Conversion

Loft conversions are seen by many as the perfect way to add floor space to a property, and in many circumstances they are. However, loft conversions can actually become expensive if they need structural change because of the roof design. There are other problems too; and losing storage space in your loft, and the need to take up room in your upstairs area because of loft stairs need to be considered. This is still a great option though, and one that is particularly suited to a new bedroom or office.

Another way to add usable floor space to your property is to utilize any basement space you may have. Basements are particularly suited to conversion as they usually have water and electricity access already installed, and will have the wall structure in place. Water can be a major problem for a basement conversion, but a company like will be able to find any problems, and waterproof your basement to stop any future problems; both of which are vital. Something that is also worthy of consideration is the fact that you will be living underground, and without the correct lighting and décor, this can feel oppressive for people. If you can overcome these problems, a basement is a sure fire winner, and can be used for any purpose

Garage Conversion

Using a garage to increase floor space can be a relatively easy option. The main structure is already there, and it will usually have electricity fitted, as well as the probability of a window already having been installed. Obviously the door will have to be changed, insulation will have to be fitted, and it will have to comply with the regulations governing a garage conversion, but this option should not be ignored. For those worried about losing car storage, there is also the possibility of building on top of your garage, which will give you an extra room while keeping the garage’s main function.

As you can see, these options have their plus points as well as their negatives, and the end decision will ultimately be a personal one. However, I hope that this article will help that personal decision be the right one too

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