Super Beta Prostate Review

I didn’t notice it at first, but over the last few years, it seemed like my husband had to get up and out of bed more and more during the night to use the bathroom. Eventually, it got so that he was waking me up in the middle of the night, which didn’t make me happy. Then he found that he had to use the bathroom more during the day, which could get really embarrassing, particularly when he was in the middle of a meeting. He realized that the problem was his prostate and was ready to accept that this is the consequence of growing older. Then his brother called and told him about Super Beta Prostate. Apparently former football player Joe Theismann is endorsing it, as he found that it helped him manage his own nighttime trips to the bathroom.

Beta Prostate is a natural supplement that can help support a healthy prostate. My husband decided to give it a try and within a few weeks he was sleeping through the night. He was completely surprised at the change and so grateful that he didn’t have to go the medical route with his problem.

How It Works

Beta Prostate is made up of a concentrated form of beta-sitosterol as well as other nutrients, such as zinc and vitamin D,  that support men’s prostate health. Beta-sitosterol helps to promote a healthy urine flow and, in combination with other the ingredients, might make a big difference in a man’s prostate health. Of course, it is also important for men to see their doctors regularly and should ask about prostate exams. But as a nutritional supplement, Super Beta Prostate is available without a prescription and may be able to help without the need for medications that might have serious side effects.

Pros and Cons

My husband is happy with Super Beta Prostate and is happy to tell everyone why! Of course, there are a few cons to using this product, which we feel are important for you to know about:


  • A drug free, surgery free way of dealing with a common problem.
  • Get better rest at night and avoid waking up your spouse or partner.
  • Avoid the embarassment of always having to make trips to the bathroom.
  • Order by mail for complete privacy.
  • Plant based formula


  • Must be ordered online.
  • If it doesn’t work for you, medical intervention might be necessary.

Where to Buy

We ordered Super Beta Prostate online, from its official website. We were able to enroll in an automatic shipping program, which means that my husband never runs out of his supply, plus he got a 44% discount on his first bottle. We also liked that he got a money back guarantee in case Beta Prostate didn’t work for him.

Final Recommendation

If you are sick of having to get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, give Super Beta Prostate a try. It helped my husband and it could help you too.

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