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Like many people, I struggle with my weight, and more importantly, feeling and looking fit. I’ve tried diet programs like Weight Watchers, which are helpful for controlling calories, but don’t necessarily do a lot for getting into really good shape.

I know I need to exercise, but it’s a struggle with kids at home. Going to the gym is hard to fit into my schedule, but the alternative, buying a fancy home gym, isn’t going to happen either.

Finally, last December, I decided to give a gym membership another whirl, as I really wanted to get rid of my flab and up my energy level. Unfortunately, my willpower ended about mid-February, when I got sick of the hassle of trying to drive through snow and wind just to get to the gym from my office.

After I realized that it was really hard to fit the gym into my schedule, I thought I’d check into some of the at-home workout programs that are out there. I read a lot of reviews for different programs online to try and find the best one, and the South Beach Extreme workout seemed like the best fit for me. No special equipment, the workouts only require a few hours per week, and even better, you can view the videos on your smartphone or tablet, allowing you to work out “whenever, wherever.”

I gave it a shot and can honestly say it’s been working great for me. Since starting the program about 2 months ago, I’m already down 25 pounds and my energy levels are much higher throughout the day.

How It Works

South Beach Extreme works in three ways:

  • You use your own body strength and weight to build muscle and lose fat. You won’t have to buy special equipment and you won’t have to stop your exercise program when you go on vacation.
  • You only work out 4 times per week, 45 minutes each session. Everyone can find three hours each week to exercise.
  • You get a free bonus nutrition guide that helps you make healthy food choices so that you’ll lose weight while keeping fit.

The system includes 5 DVDs: An introduction that will teach you the exercises, plus DVDs that cover your major muscle groups:

  1. Introduction: An instructional DVD that teaches you how to effectively and safely do all of the South Beach Extreme exercises.
  2. Chest, back, biceps, abs, obliques.
  3. Legs, lower back, shoulders, triceps, abs, obliques.
  4. Remix Day #3 Workout: Chest, back, biceps, abs, obliques.
  5. Remix Day #4 Workout: Legs, lower back, shoulders, triceps, abs, obliques.

In addition to the core package, you’ll also receive 5 FREE bonuses worth $297. These bonuses include:

  • An instructional manual giving you more details about the workout and how to make it more effective. It also includes record sheets that help you keep track of your progress and stick with the program.
  • A nutrition guide to teach you how to make healthy, nutritious meals that speed up fat loss and help you to get in better shape.
  • An “Extreme Abs” DVD: Get that six-pack fast!
  • Video and MP3 files for your tablet, laptop or smartphone, so you can take the program with you.
  • A data disk containing all of the bonuses, so you can keep up with your program while traveling.

Here is the commercial for the program which gives more details on how it works:

Pros & Cons

Like all things in life, South Beach Extreme has its pros and cons, but I still think it is a great program!


  • No gimmicky foods, drinks or supplements required.
  • No weights, bands or other exercise equipment needed. Just your own bodyweight.
  • Easy to follow on DVD, plus you get an instructional book that helps you master the workouts.
  • Can be done anywhere, even a hotel or college dorm room!
  • No need to join a gym or spend time commuting back and forth. Work out at home.
  • Only 45 minutes per session done 4 times per week. Anyone should be able to fit this into their schedule.


  • You’ll need some way of viewing the DVDs and/or video files. Most people already own a DVD player but if not, you will need to invest in one.
  • You will need an exercise mat if you only have hardwood floors at home.

Where to Buy

The South Beach Extreme workout program isn’t available in stores, so you will need to buy it online through the official website. You’ll be entitled to a risk-free trial of the system, along with all the free bonuses that make the South Beach Extreme workout even more effective. You’ll also get a 30 day money-back guarantee.

Final Recommendation

I’ve tried a lot of different programs, and while I got some results, I just couldn’t manage to get into the kind of shape I really wanted to be in. It wasn’t until I began the South Beach Extreme program that I was able to really whip myself into shape. I’d strongly recommend this program to anyone, but particularly to folks who have limited space, time and funds for special exercise equipment. You only need 3 hours per week and a patch of floor to complete the South Beach Extreme workout. Even the video and audio instructions are portable and can easily be viewed on your smartphone or tablet. Visit the site today to give it a try!

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