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UPDATE: We no longer recommend SnoreeZzz  if you’re looking for something to help you stop snoring. We have found that Z Quiet actually works a lot better. Click Here to read our Z Quiet review instead.

This is embarrassing to admit, but its also the truth: I snore.  It didn’t used to be that bad, but since I’ve gotten older, I’ve become noisier and noisier in my sleep. This isn’t much of a problem when I’m at home with my pets, but when my girlfriend spends the night, we have problems, to say the least.

Finally, my girlfriend told me that while she loved me, she couldn’t take not getting any sleep when she came over. I was desperate.

I didn’t know what to do and asked one of my friends for advice. He sent me a link to a site for the SnoreEzzz. He told me that it worked really well for him and that I should at least give it a try.

So I did.

It worked!

Right away my girlfriend could tell the difference. The noise was gone and frankly, I was getting a better night’s sleep myself.

How SnoreEzzz Works

The SnoreEzzz is a pillow that adjusts the alignment of your head and neck when you sleep. See, snoring is caused by the soft tissue at the back of your throat. The tissue vibrates during sleep, causing you to snore.  The inventor of the pillow, the wife of a snorer, figured out that if you put two pillows together in a certain way, you can prevent that tissue from vibrating. It’s that simple: No drugs or internal devices, just a special double-pillow.

The SnoreEzzz comes in 3 different sizes too: standard, queen, and king. So no matter which size you need, there will be a pillow for you.

Even better, the pillow also works as a great back rest: It’s so comfortable when I want to sit up in bed and watch TV or read a book.

Pros and Cons of SnoreEzzz


  • Helps quiet snoring without surgery, drugs or earplugs
  • Supports back and neck
  • 5 year warranty
  • Hypoallergenic–Won’t trigger allergies
  • Comes in 3 different sizes
  • Works for back, side and stomach sleepers
  • Improves sleep for both you and the people you live with!


  • If a person has other sleep disorders, the SnoreEzzz won’t necessarily prevent them, so these people should talk to their doctor
  • The pillow doesn’t completely prevent snoring in all people, some may continue to snore, though the noise may be reduced

Best Place to Order?

I got my Snoreezzz online, through the official website. There may be a few other options, but I don’t feel entirely comfortable with them and the official site also has the lowest price I have seen. Plus, by going to the original website, I got a free travel pillow and pillowcase too! I just had to pay for shipping.

Click Here to buy the SnoreEzzz through their official website and take advantage of the lowest price plus the awesome bonus items.

Closing Thoughts

Honestly, this pillow is so comfortable, I’d probably buy it even if I didn’t snore. But it really did work for me, so I’d definitely advise giving it a try if you are suffering with snoring issues. You won’t be disappointed. I also like how it’s a natural solution to stop snoring and no drugs or crazy devices are necessary. With the money back guarantee offered by the manufacturers and the 5 year warranty, you really have nothing to lose.

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