Slap Chop – As Seen On TV Product Reviews

Preparing food at home is healthy and economical, but all that slicing and dicing can be a real pain. I’ve purchased some gizmos and appliances in the past, but sometimes they are so hard to clean and store that it’s just easier to use my knife to chop up food. Or, even worse, I cave in and buy prepared foods, which are more expensive and don’t taste as good.

Recently, though, I ended up on a website that advertised the Slap Chop, a hand chopper with a few twists that has really made my cooking a lot easier. I recommend it highly for its ease of use and simplicity.

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How Slap Chop Works

Slap Chop is a self-enclosed chopper with three blades: Just place food under the chopper and press down on it several times. You’ll be able to chop your food into large or fine pieces as needed. Once you’re done chopping, you can easily clean the Slapchop by opening up its main compartment and thoroughly washing the blades. The ability to open the Slap Chop is what makes it different from so many other choppers, and is a great feature.

Pros and Cons of the Slap Chop

As with everything, there are both pros and cons to using this device. Here are some that I’ve spotted:


  • Completely enclosed: Low risk of cuts and injuries.
  • Easy to clean, reducing risk of contamination.
  • No electricity needed, use it anywhere!
  • Three blades allows for efficient chopping and dicing. The more you chop, the finer the particles.
  • Save money by preparing sauces, salads and ice cream toppings at home.
  • Chop multiple ingredients together for salads and pizza toppings.


  • You can only chop a small amount of food at one time.
  • Does not slice food, only chops it.

Where to Buy the Slap Chop

If you buy your Slap Chop online you’ll be eligible for some special deals. First of all, you’ll get a free Graty, which is an enclosed cheese grater that is really something. You can grate two different cheeses at once, store the cheese in the grater and it even has separate wheels for grating small or large pieces. You’ll also be eligible for a special bonus: They’ll double your order for the price of shipping and handling, plus you get a 3 year warranty on both devices. You can find all the deals above at Slap Chop’s official website.

Final Recommendation

If you like to cook, even occasionally, get a Slap Chop. It’s a fast, easy and sanitary way to perform cumbersome kitchen tasks, and it outperforms many other hand chopping gadgets. Give it a try.

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