Should You Try Out the Forearm Forklift?

The Forearm Forklift is a simple moving system comprised of durable nylon straps. These straps can be used to move heavy or bulky items by harnessing the power and strength of your forearms.

Both men and women find these Forearm straps useful. This product can be used to help you move furniture, appliances, and other bulky or cumbersome items. By simply sliding the forearm straps onto your arms, the weight of the item you are attempting to move is shifted and the item feels up to 66% lighter! This means moving household items will be easier and put less of a strain on your body. Plus, you are less likely to scratch or dent various surfaces in your home as you will have better control of the objects you are moving. Continue reading if you want to learn all about the pros and cons of using the Forearm straps and if it is worth your money.

How Does The Forearm Forklift Work?

forearm-forklift-6892887Are you wondering how to use Forearm Forklift? We are about to tell you! The Forearm straps works by shifting the weight of the object you are attempting to move in such a way that your back and arms are not strained. The straps create leverage which makes the item you are moving feel up to 66% lighter than it actually is. This product promotes proper lifting techniques so you are less likely to strain or injure your body while moving objects.

To use the Forearm straps, just slide the straps under the item you plan to move and cross the straps. Then, bend down with your knees and put your forearms into the straps. Place your hands flat against the object you are preparing to move. Keep your back straight and lift up. You will then use the strength of your forearms (rather than your finger or hands) to move the object. With the use of the Forearm Forklift moving straps, you should find that the item you are moving feels lighter and less cumbersome.

Forearm Forklift Advantages/Disadvantages


  • The straps are durable and made of a strong nylon material
  • This product eases strain and pressure on joints and muscles while moving items
  • The straps are long (9 feet) and are easy to fold up and store in a variety of household locations
  • Straps can be adjusted (up to 48 inches)
  • The straps come in two colors: orange and pink
  • The Forearm straps can be used to move very large appliances and household furniture as well as small items
  • While using the straps, many items will feel up to 66% lighter than they actually are
  • The Forearm straps can be used to move items that weigh up to 700 pounds


  • Usually, you need two people working together to move items with the Forklift moving straps
  • Some users may need straps that are longer
  • It can be difficult for some individuals to move items up or down stairs even with the help of the Forearm straps
  • In some individuals, use of this product may cause discomfort or pain in the joints, muscles, or skin, though this is not a common complaint
  • You have to lift the item you are going to move in order to place the straps underneath. This can be difficult if the item is quite heavy and can hinder your ability to move the object
  • Although the products helps disperse the weight of the object you are moving and makes the item feel lighter, you still have to have some degree of strength to lift and move the item even with the help of the straps

Where to Purchase the Forearm Forklift

The Forearm straps moving straps can be purchase through their official website. Orders through the official website guarantee an authentic product. Other retailers sell knock off versions of the product that do not work as effectively.

How Does the Forearm Forklift Perform?

Overall, we really like this product. It does what it claims to do. It is also a very affordable product and a solid investment. If you can use this product to move your own furniture, you will spend far less than you would if you needed to hire a moving crew. The Forearm straps straps are durable so they can be used over and over again with little wear and tear. The product is compact so it can easily be folded and stored in a drawer, toolbox, or other small space. By and large, customers consistently agree that this is a valuable product to have around anytime you need to move items in your home or office. At only $19.95 (plus shipping and handling), we feel this is an excellent purchase for any household. There are a few downsides or cons to this product, but the pros greatly outweigh them. We give the Forearm Forklift an A-.

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