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My wallet has been falling apart for about a year now. It’s an old, trusty, leather wallet that I’ve had for about five years now so I’ve definitely gotten my use out of it. I’ve recently seen other expensive wallets that would be a suitable replacement, but the cost was too much. Plus I’ve been unwilling to part with what has been my daily companion for half a decade. But recently I saw the Lock Wallet As Seen On TV commercial and I must admit that I was intrigued. The price seemed reasonable and the buy one-get one offer was the icing on the cake. I figured that if I didn’t like it at least perhaps I could pawn the other one off as a present to someone else. Yes, I know that I’m cheap. I have no shame in it. Please read my Lock Wallet review to find out if this is the best wallet for you.

How the Lock Wallet Works

The Lock Wallet RFID blocking wallet claims to keep credit cards and your identity a little bit safer. Using RFID blocking material the Lock Wallet prevents identity thieves from using skimmer devices to steal information that is transmitted by new credit cards containing EMV chips. Aside from the added protection the Wallet is well constructed and holds a large number of items like any other normal wallet.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Lock Wallet

  • The Lock Wallet is actually pretty stylish and it is suitable for men or women. Choose from three different colors (red, brown, and black).
  • Everything fits in just as it would a normal wallet and it holds over 30 cards.
  • I also like that there is a clear plastic side for your license so that you can show your ID without removing it from the Lock Wallet or having to open it.
  • The Lock Wallet is designed to be an RFID blocking wallet, adding another layer of security to protect you from identity theft.
  • The price is reasonable. For $24 (shipping and handling included) you can get two Lock Wallets.
  • There is a 30 day money back guarantee offered.
  • When you call they will try to upsell you for the Deluxe Lock Wallet. It sounded like it was basically a waterproof wallet with reinforced stitching and was about $20 more. I disregarded this, but I hate trying to be upsold on stuff. But that is the nature of As Seen As Tv products.
  • This is a minor complaint but one that is worth noting. The outside of the Lock Wallet has a zipper and when I had it in my back pocket the zipper stabbed me once or twice. It wasn’t enough of a bother to deter me from using it, but again I should mention it.

The best place to get the Lock Wallet is on the official Lock Wallet website or by calling 1-800-301-1620. You can choose from black, brown, or red, and you will receive a lighted pocket magnifier free with your order. If you order from the website you will get one wallet for $10 plus $6.99 for shipping and handling and they will give you a second wallet free. All you pay is an additional $6.99 for the added shipping and handling cost. This wallet offers a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee (minus shipping and handling).

Final Recommendation

The Lock Wallet’s main claim is that it adds another layer of protection against cyber thieves. I don’t know how viable their claims are of identity thieves using RFID to steal credit card information. But, if simply using a wallet helps keep my information more secure, I’m ok with that. When comparing this wallet against the prices of other RFID wallet options, the Lock Wallet remains reasonably priced and feels like it is decently made. Aside from the complaint I stated earlier with the zipper on the outside of the wallet face, it fit comfortably in my pocket. However, someone who wears particularly tight pants might have an issue with the size of this wallet. If so, there are a number of similar RFID blocking wallets available on Amazon. However, you’ll be hard pressed to compete with the price and quality on display here. I would recommend the Lock Wallet to anyone.

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