Shorkies, Morkies and Yorkies – It’s All in the Family – As Seen On TV Product Reviews

Everyone on earth has heard of those lovable little Yorkshire terriers, fondly known as Yorkies, but what in the world is a Shorkie or a Morkie? If you are looking for a cute and lovable lap dog with a whole lot of character, these are three breeds you just might want to investigate. Not only are they small enough for apartment living, but they tend to travel well for those who spend a lot of time on the road.

You can probably tell that all three breeds are interrelated but each has its own special personality traits based on heritage. For those of you unfamiliar with Shorkies and Morkies, here’s a bit of information to get you started on your quest for the most perfect lovable lap dog known to man, and woman of course!

Yorkshire Terriers – Yorkies

The breed was developed in 19th Century Yorkshire County, England, for their small size to be used as ‘rat catchers’ in the mills. Their distinctive tan, black and grey coat and small size make them unmistakable when compared to other toy terrier breeds of similar size.

Usually weighing in at 7 pounds or less, these can grow up to 15 pounds under certain conditions. Lovable and feisty, a Yorkie doesn’t know its own size limitations. This breed has become so popular that it is one of the most called for purebreds in the world. You can see some beautiful Yorkie puppies on sites like Florida Puppies Online.

In recent years there has been a movement in the canine world to breed out certain characteristics in purebred dogs that people feel are undesirable. Hybrids, also known as crossbreeds, are often referred to as ‘designer dogs’ for this reason. When it comes to Morkies, breeders sought to capture the very best traits in the Maltese and Yorkshire terrier breeds.

It should be understood that these dogs are not able to be registered as they have yet to be bred down through enough generations to be considered a ‘purebred’ but at some point in the future that is a very real possibility as these dogs have quickly found a place in the hearts of anyone who has ever owned one. With the lovable nature of both breeds and the playful, feisty nature of a Yorkie, the Morkie makes a perfect companion dog.

Shih-Tzu – Yorkshire Terrier Crossbreed – Shorkies

Both Yorkies and Shih-Tzus are amongst the most popular small breed dogs in the world and both are amongst the most loving and companionable as well, in terms of small breeds. Here breeders took the best traits of the Shih-Tzu of Chinese origin and cross bred that line with loving Yorkies and voila – Shorkies!

Shorkies have ultra-long hair common to their heritage and will need daily brushing to keep it groomed. These little creatures love attention and think nothing of stealing the show when company arrives. However, at the end of the day, true to their nature, they will comfortably snuggle in your lap for a good rest at the end of a long and playful romp.

Now that you’ve been introduced to Shorkies and Morkies of Yorkie descent, it’s time to get to know them. Take the time to look at all three breeds before making your choice but be warned – it will not be an easy decision. All three are lovable and all three will quickly win a place in your heart. Why not get one of each?

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