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shmoozees-5201887I’ve got a house full of girls who love stuffed animals. I’m happy to indulge their little passion, but spend a lot of time looking for unique plushies to give them. So many stuffed animals on the market seem to be geared for little kids. The other thing is that while stuffed animals are awesome, they take up a lot of space and don’t really have a function beyond looking cute.

Recently, however, I was surfing online and found Shmoozees, these incredible glow-in-the dark stuffed animals that also double as earring holders. I got a few for my girls and now we are all hooked!

How Shmoozees Work

Shmoozees come in six different characters, all with glow-in-the dark ears and eyes and brushable hair. Even better, you can decorate their ears with included charms or, what we love best, earrings! Each Shmoozee can hold up to five pairs of pierced earrings, which is great for helping my girls keep organized. Plus, these animals are really unique and modern looking: They don’t look like “little kid” toys.

When you order, they also give you access to a Shmoozee website that is full of fun and games.  There is even a special name generator program that can help your kids name their new friend.

What Characters Can You Choose From?

There are 6 different characters to pick from:

  • Wild Giraffe
  • Dreamy Purple
  • Pretty Pink
  • Funky Zebra
  • Twilight Black
  • Cool Blue

Pros and Cons

I think that Shmoozee is a great product, but like anything, they have their pros and cons. With that being said, I still think you should get a few for your kids as mine love them and I’m sure your’s will too.


  • These brightly colored animals add sophisticated, fashionable charm to a girl’s room.
  • Shmoozee ears hold up to five pairs of earrings: This helps keep earrings from getting lost.
  • Online “Shmoozee World” site lets girls have more fun with their Shmoozees.
  • Shmoozee owners get to groom their hair and add charms or earrings to their ears.
  • Shmoozee owners can trade charms and bows for dressing up their Shmoozees.
  • There are six different Shmoozee animals to choose from, in a variety of colors, including giraffe and zebra print!


  • The glow-in-the dark feature is fun, but not a substitute for a night light.
  • This is not a stuffed animal suitable for very young children due to the fact they might choke on the charms that are attached to the ears.

Where to Buy

Like most of these As Seen On TV products, the best place to get your Shmoozees is going to be at the official website. On top of being the best price, you’ll also get a a special 2 for 1 offer with no added cost for shipping the second Shmoozee. This allows you to save money if you’re buying for several different kids. Or if you only have 1 child, you can give the other away as a gift!

Final Recommendation

If you  have pre-teen girls in your house, or need to buy a gift for a pre-teen girl, Shmoozees are really cool and you can’t go wrong. The girls love these cute, hip toys and appreciate having a handy way of storing their earrings. They are inexpensive too, so you don’t have to worry about paying too much.

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