Shark Navigator Lift-Away and Lift-Away Pro Review

6-shark-navigator-lift-away-vacuum1-8044698I have always wanted a vacuum which could handle all of my chores instead of needing both an upright model and a smaller handheld vacuum for my stairs and other small clean-up jobs.  The problem was everything I had found before was very heavy, too expensive, or seriously lacked in power.  When I saw the ad for the Shark Navigator Lift-Away vacuum I thought it was too good to be true.

Another thing I detest in vacuums is bags.  I hate watching my vacuum get weaker and weaker as the bag fills up and then needing to pull a bag packed with dirt and dust out.  Of course when you need your vacuum the most, the bag will be full and you are completely out of bags.  Any new vacuum I purchased had to be bag-free.  The Shark Navigator promised to remedy this issue but did it really live up to the promises?

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How it Works

The Navigator design starts off by eliminating the bag.  It uses a canister system to contain the dirt which can hold up to 3 quarts.  They recommend emptying the canister when it is holding 1.2 quarts of dirt for the best cleaning power, but if you are almost finished vacuuming it has ample power to finish up the job before you empty it.

The vacuum uses a high-technology system of spinning the air to make sure it remains high in the canister and away from the filters, which you can see below. This method helps the vacuum sustain power through the entire job and prevents clogging of the filtration system.  The Navigator’s sealed system keeps 99.9% of all dust and allergens trapped inside.  The vacuum has been certified by the British Allergy Foundation for its efficiency in removing allergens from your home.

One amazing feature of this vacuum is how it maintains the exact same power when you separate the canister and the upright base.  The entire vacuum weighs only 12.5 pounds making it very easy to use.  When you remove the canister for cleaning your stairs or other hard to reach areas, it drops down to just 7.5 pounds.  It is slightly heavier than some handheld vacuums, but the additional power it provides is a real blessing.

You will probably be a little shocked when you use this vacuum the first time.  With its unique beater system, power, and continuous great suction, it picks up dirt your other vacuums have been leaving behind.  You may need to empty the vacuum a couple of times on your first cleaning just due to all the extra dirt it will suck up.

A surprising feature of the vacuum is the 10 year warranty.  This warranty covers all failures due to defects in materials and workmanship experienced through normal household use.  Another set of items which help keep your operating costs low are the Lifetime Belt and Lifetime Filters.  The filters are designed so you will never need to replace them during the entire lifetime of the vacuum.  The belt is protected by an electronic shutoff system which detects blockage of the vacuum.  Most belt failures occur when a vacuum gets blocked and the belt continues to force movement of the beater.

The vacuum is an easy to handle size of 45.2” tall, 11.4”wide and 12.4” deep.  It uses a swivel steering system to allow you to quickly and easily turn the vacuum around tables, chairs, and other obstacles.  It is bundled with a 24” crevice tool and hose to allow easy cleaning of ceiling areas, wall corners, and other hard to reach spots in your home. It also comes with a tool to easily clean your furniture. This is perfect for when you have pet hair that gets stuck on your couches, chairs, and pillows.  The hose, crevice tool, furniture tool, and all other attachments can be used in both the upright position or with the canister detached.  The 25’ long power cord allows you to reach every corner of a room without needing to unplug and re-plug the vacuum every few minutes.  It is very convenient and easy to use.  You can see the entire bundle below.

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Advantages and Disadvantages

The vacuum is packed with great features, but in our Shark Navigator review we need to take a look at both the positive and negative aspects of the vacuum before giving a recommendation.  Here are a few things I noted about the vacuum.


  • Powerful 10 amp motor.
  • Canister dirt cup.  (Bag-less design)
  • 10 year warranty.
  • Lightweight and easy to handle.
  • 25 foot power cord.
  • Lift-away canister for easy cleaning of stairs and other home areas.
  • Lifetime filters and belt design.
  • Crevice and furniture tools included with vacuum.
  • 99.9% of all dust and allergens captured.
  • Great deep cleaning.
  • Does not lose power while in use like vacuums with bags.
  • Great for homes with pets.


  • Warranty requires shipping to factors with prepaid freight.
  • Crevice hose could be slightly longer.
  • Due to light weight of vacuum, it is a little easier to tip over when using hose and attachments.
  • Cord length.  (Yes, it is a Pro, too.  The 25’ length is great for one room but some vacuums include a 50’ cord for reaching two rooms with a single plug-in.)

As you can see, our list of negative points is fairly short and we definitely think the Pros of this vacuum far outweigh the few Cons we found.

Where to Buy

You can find many places to buy the Shark Navigator Lift-Away, but we have found you get the best deal when purchasing through Shopko’s website. The price from Shopko is about $40 less than retail and they also give you free shipping. Most other stores will charge you for shipping and their prices are a little higher to begin with.

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My Final Recommendation

After doing our Shark Navigator Lift-Away review, we recommend you put it on your short list of vacuums to consider.  The combination of light weight, power, and the lift-away canister makes this vacuum an amazing value at under $200.  Other vacuums with similar features are usually two to three times higher in price.

This vacuum will most likely become one of your favorites and we know you will appreciate the deep cleaning, bag-less design, and the easy to handle light weight.

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