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All three of my girls are stuffed animal freaks, and while I know that stuffed animals are a harmless pleasure, they can sometimes drive me nuts. The clutter of all these stuffed animals can be a bit of a hassle, particularly when I’m trying to get their rooms in order for when company comes.

The stuffed toys can also be a real pain when traveling: The girls like to have their cuddly friends with them, but fitting them into suitcases (or carry-on bags) is often a real problem. Plus, really good large stuffed animals often cost an arm and a leg.

Still, I have some great kids and was willing to put up with a little extra cost and hassle if it made them happy. Then a friend told me about ShamZees “Pillow Eating Friends.” It seems that someone developed these great, kooky animal covers that you can stuff yourself with a regular pillow, turning the cover into a gorgeous stuffed animal. I got online and ordered a few for my girls: They were thrilled!

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How ShamZees Work

ShamZees are very simple products actually, and I’m surprised it took someone this long to think of them. They are beautifully crafted covers that surround an ordinary bedroom pillow, creating a large, colorful stuffed animal. Just place a pillow in the mouth of your ShamZee case and it becomes a large stuffed animal! If you want to switch ShamZees, pull the pillow out and feed it to another ShamZee.

Pros and Cons

Shamzees are great, but like anything, they have their pros and cons.


  • Because you supply the pillow for “stuffing,” you pay a fraction of what a similar animal would cost you if you bought it in stores.
  • Allergies? No problem. You select the stuffing for your ShamZee. Just select a hypoallergenic pillow and you’re all set.
  • Airlines charge so much for extra baggage these days, forcing your kids to leave their favorite toys at home because they just won’t fit in your carry-on luggage. With ShamZees, all you have to do is pull out the pillow, fold the ShamZee and place in your suitcase. Once you get to your destination, “feed” the ShamZee a new pillow and viola! Your child has his toy again!
  • They come in six different characters, giving your kids plenty of choices.
  • They fold and store flat, taking up very little room compared to traditional stuffed animals.


  • You have to supply the pillow yourself.
  • Only comes in one size, so certain pillows may not fit.

Where To Buy

The ShamZees aren’t available in stores, so we got ours through the official website. One bonus to ordering from the website is that we got a 30 day satisfaction guarantee on them, which gave us some peace of mind. We’ve never had to use the guarantee, but it is nice to know that it exists in case there is a problem.

Final Recommendation

If you have kids who like stuffed animals, ShamZees are a great, affordable alternative to super-expensive large toys. Even better, they are so portable, making it easy for the kids to take their favorite critter with them while traveling. Even if you don’t have kids, they make a great gift as well. And with the money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose just in case you aren’t happy.

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