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I don’t know about you, but I love to cook from scratch. Food just tastes better when it is freshly prepared, plus, it’s a lot cheaper than going out to eat or buying prepared foods.

Now, every cook knows that the only way to consistently make good food is to use a sharp, sharp knife when slicing and dicing ingredients. The trouble is that knives can be really tough to sharpen. Handheld sharpeners can be unwieldy and there is always the risk of cutting yourself or someone else. Electric sharpeners require an outlet and are often expensive. Even simple, handheld sharpeners can be difficult to work with, because they aren’t balanced and have to use both hands to use them. Plus, these sharpeners typically only work on one type of blade. While I can sharpen a kitchen knife with a standard sharpener, I still have to take my sewing scissors to a professional knife sharpener.

So you can imagine that I was really grateful when my mom gave me a Samurai Pro for my birthday. It solves a lot of the problems that come along with regular knife sharpeners while also being really affordable. To use the Samurai Pro, all I have to do is press it down on a counter top, adjust the sharpening blades to suit whatever knife or pair of scissors I want to sharpen, and draw the blade through the sharpener. Within seconds, I have a sharp blade that is ready to help me whip up a tasty meal.

Like anything in life, the Samurai Pro has both good and bad points, though I’ll say that the good really outweigh the bad.


  • The adjustable Tungsten carbide sharpener works on any type of blade, including serrated knives, garden tools and scissors.
  • Samurai Pro’s suction base holds it to anything. You can use it on a flat counter top or stick it on your refrigerator. You still only need to use one hand while sharpening.
  • Small and portable. You can take it back and forth from your kitchen to your tool shed.


  • While I’ve definitely seen uglier kitchen gadgets, the Samurai Pro is gray and black and not very pretty. I keep it in a cabinet when it isn’t in use.
  • Once its own blades wear out, I’ll have to replace the whole thing.

Where to Buy

My mom bought mine as a birthday gift for me and she got it off the official website. She thought it would be safer that way because she got a guarantee just in case it didn’t work as advertised. Also, she got some free product bonuses which she may not have got from third-party sites. The current bonus that the manufacturer is offering is a free 8-inch chef’s blade with every purchase of the Samurai Pro. Along with that, we haven’t even seen the Samurai Pro advertised as cheaper anywhere else so your best bet is their official site.

Click Here to purchase the Samurai Pro from their official website and claim your free bonuses.

Final Recommendation

Don’t think you have to be a cook to appreciate a Samurai Pro: You can use this sharpener on all kinds of blades, including scissors, shears and tools. I bought one for a friend who is a hairstylist and she is thrilled that she doesn’t have to take her hair sheers and safety razors out to be sharpened anymore. My dad loves his because he can sharpen his hedge trimmer as well. If you have any sharp blades in your home, I’d definitely recommend getting a Samurai Pro.

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