Roto Clipper Review – A Breakdown Of Features And Benefits

The Roto Clipper is supposed to be able to let you trim nails in a more convenient way compared to traditional clippers that you’d find at some place like Walgreens.

The commercial is humorous because it’s a likely bet that you’ve never seen anyone slip quite as dramatically with a pair of nail clippers as you’ll see in the first few seconds of the commercial

Then again, that’s one of the ways these types of products work to sell you on it. They make it dramatic and present themselves as the answer – the holy grail of nail trimmers if you will.

Straight from YouTube, this commercial claims that the Roto Clipper is the fast way to clip your nails.

Here’s a brief transcript of the beginning of the TV commercial:

When your grip is starting to slip, handling nail clippers can be tough. Clip too closely, and ouch!

Introducing the amazing new Roto Clipper, the fast, easy way to trim and file your nails at the same time. Just push the button and insert your nail. In seconds, you have a perfectly trimmed nail just like an electric emery board. It precisely files each nail for a salon finish.

Dual-sided Roto Clipper uses one side to trim nails and the other side to file them. The secret is the durable beveled blades that spin at a powerful 500 rpm to trim and shape fingernails to a smooth, flawless finish.

Clippings are nasty. Not anymore!

Roto Clippers removable head means easy cleaning. The blades are recessed so they’re safe to the touch. Roto Clipper won’t harm your skin.

It’s even delicate enough it won’t even damage a balloon.

The commercial goes on to say that clipping your nails doesn’t have to be a struggle anymore as the device fits into the palm of your hand. The ergonomic grip helps for those that suffer from conditions like arthritis, too.

The commercial ends with a bit about smoothing edges and keeping kids happy.

Did rough nails snag your stocking? Roto Clipper grooms nails with smooth even edges.

Kids will be chipper when they use Roto Clipper. Cutting my son’s nails used to be a battle, but with the Roto Clipper, it’s so fun, he actually wants to trim his nails now!

As a parent, that sounds pretty good. Parents like to not have to fight with their kids to do basic things like proper hygiene routines.

A Breakdown of Features and Benefits

Roto Clipper claims that it is the best nail trimmer available on the market today that works to file and clip at the same time.

The question remains as to whether or not it works the way it’s supposed to.

Roto Clipper is designed to provide an easy fix to help people that can’t work with traditional clippers very easily. The company promises that the design will eliminate all of the problems associated with conventional clippers.

The design is something to take note of because of the planning that went into the overall construction of the device.

The blade is a beveled blade which allows one side to work as a trimmer while the other side works as a filer.

Roto Clipper is compact and easy to hold and to clip your nail, all you need to do is put the nail inside and rock the blade back and forth across the nail.

The rocking motion is meant to shape the nail and then file it smooth.

Roto Clipper claims to also be user-friendly as it is easy enough for kids to use as well as individuals that have arthritic hands.

Roto Clipper Electric Nail Trimmer and Nail File, Electronic Manicure…

Roto Clipper Electric Nail Trimmer and Nail File, Electronic Manicure…

  • PERFECT, EFFORTLESS TRIM: The Roto Clipper electric trimmer is the safe way to trim your nails and is perfect for use on…
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Designed for easy and pain free use on fingernails unlike your outdated manual nail trimmer RECESSED
  • ROTATING BLADES: Beveled blade spins at 500 RPM using one side to trim nails and one side to file nails

The idea is pretty great assuming that it works the way it’s supposed to. You’re supposed to press the button which triggers the rotating blades.

While the blades are rotating, you need to rock the clipper back and forth to get your nail to the shape and length you want.

The clipper needs two AA batteries that are not supplied and was originally released in 2015.

Like many recent “As Seen on TV” products, the claims for the Roto Clipper are cliché at best. They use a lot of buzz phrases like “revolutionary device” to encourage the way the clippers are viewed by the masses.

Users that give the product a try come back with less than stellar reviews. Over on As Seen on TV’s Genuine and Honest Reviews, they say that one of their users claimed it only worked if someone had plenty of time to do their nails.

With an average of treating a single finger every three to four minutes, the Roto Clipper does not appear to be an efficient tool. Instead, the thought is that manual clippers or even a Dremel would work better.

In reference to another reviewer with a disability, it was difficult to push the nail against the rotating blade hard enough to get it to work at all. It was worth noting that using the Roto Clipper was also time-consuming when working with thicker nails and thicker toenails.

Lighting on the clipper isn’t the greatest and doesn’t actually shine on the nail. Instead, it shines over the nail, sometimes making the clipper more difficult to work with as it created unnecessary shadows. According to the same reviewer, the battery compartment was difficult to open.

From yet another reviewer, it was expressed that there is a learning curve to handling the Roto Trimmer, but even still, it would take a while to trim longer nails. Simply put, patience is needed along with plenty of time.

Someone else also noted that the process is slow and doesn’t actually give you the smooth edge you’d like to see on your nail. With that, you’ll still need a traditional emery board to make it smooth.

If you happen to have sensory issues, the vibrations that come from the clipper might pose some problems for you, too. It’s a pretty strong vibration, so keep that in mind, too.

On the other hand, if you happen to have young children or kids that fight to have their nails clipped, then this might just be the answer you’re looking for.

Another site that provides some interesting reviews on the Roto Clipper has many consumers that aren’t exactly happy with it either.

Many of the complaints that are made are very similar to the ones mentioned earlier. More about the idea that while the product works, the clippers are entirely inefficient.

After looking through the reviews, there is a single positive review from Jock Shock Devock from Pennsylvania. He says it “has a blade like a pencil sharpener and it will trim wood to a point. If you are afraid of your children or grandmother or father cutting themselves [sic] this will work if they use it properly. It does work and it is way safer than standard clippers.”

If you were to continue to scroll down on the same page, you’ll see another positive review later on from Dale Smith of California. He claims “I do not understand the venomous reviews. I found the product to be exactly as advertised and am very, very satisfied with it.”

Then when you head over to Amazon to check out those reviews, you’ll see a similar spread of feedback from plenty of verified customers. In one example, a customer named April says “The Roto Clipper works pretty well, but it is a really slow process. So just make sure that you have the time to dedicate to doing your nails when using the clippers. It did leave my nails a little jagged until I learned to use the clippers more precisely and use the right amount of pressure.”

Right above April’s review, RDouglas had the exact opposite to say. He claimed “It might work if you had hours and hours to do your nails, after using it for 3 or 4 minutes on one finger you could just about tell that it had done something. Save your money and either get some manual clippers of use a dremmel [sic] type.”

Of course, if you keep scrolling down a little way under the customer reviews, you’ll see another positive review from Julie Holland, where she states, “This is the only thing my toddler will allow me to use to cut his fingernails. Works great and eases my mind about cutting his little fingers.”

You could say that there’s a definite divide in people’s reactions to the way it worked, or in some cases, didn’t work.

Roto Clipper Alternatives

If you Google “Roto Clipper,” you’ll see plenty of other options that do the same thing. The Pursonic Electric Nail Trimmer is just one of many. The reviews for that one are fairly similar to those of the Roto Clipper.

Another variation that looks almost exactly like the Roto Clipper is the Clever Clipper. Again, similar reviews abound for this item, too.

If you go check out the Roto Clipper on Amazon, you’ll see other suggestions, too. SpaSonics ha an electric nail trimmer that also seems to have reviews that look like the others.

As a bonus, in the Amazon reviews, there are also video demonstrations uploaded by real customers. See for yourself just how well the Roto Clippers actually work and compare them to the others.

Regardless of where you look, the general consensus seems to agree that the Roto Clipper does work for the most part, even if it does work really slowly. It works much more slowly than what it appears to do in the commercial.

Reviews on the other products look the exact same way with claims of these clippers all working slowly and being a bit more difficult to work with than what was expected.

The main issue seems to be the learning curve to be able to use it or its counterparts properly. It takes consistent practice to get it right. Once you do, though, it seems to work well for people that can actually use the simple clipping and filing technique properly.

You’ll have to decide whether or not you want to pay between about $15 to $20 for it if you pick it up inside a store or off a random website like any of the “As Seen on TV” sites you’ll find all over the web.

Roto Clipper doesn’t seem to have its own website anymore, but you can still find it in a variety of different locations, including Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

From Office Depot to Walmart, you can find the Roto Clipper all over the internet and in big-box retailers of different varieties.

Do your homework, read the extensive amount of reviews, and decide whether or not you’ll want to join the crew of people that have already bought this potentially nifty device.

Clip away!

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