Rollie EggMaster Review – As Seen On TV Product Reviews

rollie-6918403I’ve got a household of busy people: I do my best to make sure they get a decent breakfast before heading out to work or school, but I have to say that this can be a challenge. Sometimes the best I can do is give everyone a granola bar to eat in the car or on the bus, but I really hate doing that.

I’ve tried cooking breakfasts from scratch, but with different schedules (and the difficulty of getting kids up in time for breakfast), it’s hard to time things correctly.

Finally, one of my friends told me about the Rollie EggMaster. It’s an upright cooker that quickly cooks eggs in a convenient tube shape. You can eat them with a knife and fork, or wrap them in a napkin, tortilla, or even a hotdog bun for easy, on-the-go eating. Even better, you can use the Rollie to create interesting appetizers and omelets, too!

The vertical cooking technology of the Rollie allows your eggs (or whatever else you are preparing) to cook quickly. Just crack your eggs into the Rollie, insert a skewer and you’ll have a cooked breakfast in just a few minutes. Cleaning is fast and easy as well.

Another awesome thing about the Rollie EggMaster is that you aren’t restricted to just eggs. You can add ingredients to your eggs or also add tortillas for delicious, homemade wraps. The included recipe book will give you tons of ideas.

Pros and Cons

Like anything you buy for your kitchen, Rollie has its pros and cons. Here are a few for you to ponder:


  • Use one gadget to make breakfast, reduces cleanup time.
  • Rolled shape allows for one-handed eating, convenient when you are on the run. Kids love it too.
  • Rollie can be used to make creative hors d’oeuvres.
  • No added fat needed, just cooking spray.
  • Because you make your Rollies fresh, you don’t have to worry about strange additives and preservatives, as you would with prepared or fast food breakfast wraps.


  • Can only make one Rollie at a time.
  • You’ll need to use non-stick cooking spray with your Rollie.

Where To Buy

I bought my Rollie online from the official website and I’d recommend getting yours there as well (I don’t think it’s sold in stores at the moment anyway). You’ll get the best price, plus a money back guarantee. You’ll also get a lot of free bonuses, such as a Rollie chopper (great for preparing veggies for omelets), a cleaning brush, skewers and more.

Final Recommendation

Whether you live alone or have several kids, the Rollie is an awesome way to quickly and easily prepare a nutritious breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack without using a lot of cookware or utensils. You’ll save money by making your own convenience food, and you’ll know exactly what goes into the food that you eat. With all the bonuses and the money back guarantee, I definitely recommend getting this product.

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