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I love my dog to pieces, but sometimes his breath just plain stinks! Most of the time I’d just ignore it, but when it gets really bad I have to try brushing his teeth myself, not always the easiest task with a large, excitable dog! I’ve taken him to the vet’s a couple of times for a professional cleaning. They do a great job, but it usually costs me at least four hours of my day and over $200 each visit. I can’t afford that!

So when I learned about Plaque Attack, I was intrigued. Skeptical, but intrigued. The website for Plaque Attack explained that it was made from all natural ingredients (mostly grapefruit extract) and that it worked by softening and eventually eliminating plaque from an animal’s teeth. Even better, all I’d have to do is spray Plaque Attack into his mouth: I wouldn’t even need to brush!

I saw that Plaque Attack offered a money back guarantee so I felt comfortable ordering it. When it arrived I sprayed it on my dog’s teeth and gums twice a day for two weeks. After the first week, I noticed a small improvement, but decided to take the website’s suggestion and brush my dogs teeth after applying it each evening. After two weeks, the bad breath was gone and after four weeks, I couldn’t believe how great his teeth looked. Even my vet was impressed!

When I began reading about Plaque Attack, my main issue was my dog’s breath. What I didn’t realize is that his breath should be the least of my concerns. See, when plaque forms, gum disease can result. Gum disease in both animals and humans can lead to other health problems such as kidney, liver or heart infections. Plaque Attacks removes plaque and keeps new plaque from forming, protecting my dog’s health.

How it Works

It was really easy to use. I just sprayed the Plaque Attack on the part of his mouth where the build-up was worst. My dog immediately began to lick that side of his mouth, which meant that the spray got mixed in with his saliva. I’d do this once in the morning and once at night and started seeing (and smelling) a huge difference in his whole mouth in a matter of weeks.

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  • No more daily brushing or expensive vet visits. I just spray Plaque Attack into my dog’s mouth and go on with the rest of my day.
  • Plaque Attack is made from all-natural ingredients that I can actually pronounce: Grapefruit seed extract, neem oil, thyme, rosemary. . .these are all simple ingredients that happen to work very effectively together.
  • The spray does several things all at once: It kills bacteria that causes bad breath, softens existing plaque and tartar and keeps my dog’s teeth clean by discouraging the formation of new plaque.


  • This isn’t a breath spray or mouthwash, so it doesn’t work immediately. I had to wait a week before seeing any significant improvement and several weeks before my dog’s mouth was in really good shape. Still, this beats trying to brush his teeth on my own or paying $200 to go to the vet for a professional cleaning.
  • My dog didn’t have any problems, but I’ve heard that some animals who have very sensitive digestive systems sometimes have an intestinal reaction to the product. Usually this can be managed by cutting down the dose of Plaque Attack, though. If your animal has any stomach or digestive issues, ask your vet before giving them this product.

In my case, none of the Cons were a huge deal at all and the Pros far outweighed them. Overall I am very happy with the way Plaque Attack works for my dog and it’s definitely much cheaper than those expensive vet bills!

Where To Buy Plaque Attack

I bought my bottles from the official website. I felt that this was the safest way to buy something that was going into my dog’s mouth. I don’t trust any of the sites selling knock-off brands of Plaque Attack and I haven’t seen the official product sold anywhere besides their own website. Plus, I got some extra bonuses and a money-back guarantee through them. The current promo they are running is that they will double the size for free. Normally you pay for a 3 month supply, but right now they will upgrade you to a 6 month supply for free. Another promo they are running through their site is if you buy 2, you get 1 free. This essentially gives you over a year supply of Plaque Attack for a very low price.

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Final Thoughts

While this isn’t some miracle product that will knock the plaque and tartar off your dogs mouth right away, I personally feel it’s a great product and beats trying to brush my dogs teeth on my own or constantly take him to the vet for teeth cleanings. Not only do I save time by using Plaque Attack, but I save a LOT of money too. It may help to give your dog’s teeth a light brushing after you spray the Plaque Attack on and let it sit for a while, but it’s certainly not necessary and will work on it’s own, it just takes a little longer.

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