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perfect-tortilla-4022463I am addicted to taco salads, Mexican food, and Hispanic desserts but have always found the taco bowls you buy in the store do not measure up to restaurant quality.  When you try to fry them yourselves you end up with a big greasy mess in the kitchen.   The Perfect Tortilla claims to have solved all of these issues and simultaneously give you a healthier to eat taco bowl.

I always have a few doubts about products which are being heavily hyped on TV, but because of my love for Mexican food I had to take a look at this one.  Does the Perfect Tortilla live up to its promise?

How It Works

The Perfect Tortilla is a tortilla bowl mold you use to create your taco bowls just before you eat.  The big difference from other similar products is in the cooking process.  Most taco bowl molds are designed to hold the tortilla shell around their exterior while you dip them into screaming hot cooking oil.  They come out dripping in oil and grease absorbing it deep in the shell.  If your oil was not hot enough the shells come out chewy.

With the Perfect Tortilla molds you place the tortilla shell inside the mold and then bake it in your oven for about 5 minutes.  They come out of the oven a nice toasted golden color.  The shells have no added oil and grease added to them and are very crispy.  This method of cooking allows you to make tortilla bowls from a wider variety of tortilla shells, too.  You can bake traditional flour or corn tortillas, but they also work great for whole wheat tortillas and other specialty tortillas.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Perfect Tortilla

There is no perfect way to cook tortilla shells to make tortilla bowls, but we feel like this simple device is as close as you can get.  The Perfect Tortilla has many positive points and a few shortcomings you need to know about.


  • Easy to use.
  • Great tasting tortilla bowls.
  • No splattered oil.
  • Crispy tortilla bowls every time.
  • Easy clean-up of molds and kitchen.  (Quick hand washing and dishwasher safe.)
  • Safer than cooking with scalding hot oil.
  • Healthier tortilla bowls with no added fat from cooking.


  • Slower cooking than oil.   (Problem fixed by bonus offer below.)
  • Slight difference in flavor (Frying in oil does change the flavor of tortilla shells.)

Note:  Using the Perfect Tortilla molds takes approximately 5 minutes of cooking time where frying bowls in oil usually takes less than 2 minutes each.  Keep in mind you can only fry one bowl at a time but you can bake multiple tortilla bowls at the same time with this device.  (See bonus below.)

Bonuses and Where to Buy

Many times I recommend buying products from alternative locations to save money, but not with the Perfect Tortilla.  The official website is currently offering the lowest price online for the product and also includes some great bonuses.  The bonuses include:

  • 4 Perfect Tortilla molds instead of just 2.  (That means you can now bake 4 tortilla bowls in 5 minutes making it faster than frying.)
  • 2 Recipe books packed with delicious ideas for your tortilla bowls including desserts, dips, and main dishes.
  • 1 Cut ‘N Cup food chopper.  (A great little food chopper which allows you to quickly chop onions, tomatoes, and other vegetables for your taco salads.)

Click Here if you’re ready to purchase the Perfect Tortilla from the official website and take advantage of their bonuses. You will be automatically redirected to their site after you click.

My Recommendation

If you love Mexican desserts and taco salads as much as me you need to have the Perfect Tortilla molds.  You will be surprised how much time you save not needing to wait for oil to get hot and cleaning up the greasy mess in your kitchen.   The fresh toasted taste of the tortilla bowls is fantastic.  You can now enjoy your tortilla bowls without feeling guilty about all the added fat from deep fat frying.

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