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perfectpancake-1277321Everyone in my family loves breakfast foods, particularly pancakes. But I have to tell you that trying to whip up batches of tasty, golden brown hotcakes can be a real chore. They often turn out uneven in size and sometimes they are either undercooked or overcooked. Finally I just gave up and we started taking the kids out to breakfast. The trouble with that, though, is that they use so much oil when cooking the pancakes and frankly, it was getting hard to afford regular breakfasts out.

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I’d pretty much resigned myself to giving the kids oatmeal, cold cereal, or crappy pancakes for everyday breakfasts and reserving going out as a once-a-month treat. But then my sister-in-law told me about this great pan called the Perfect Pancake. I tried it out and was surprised at how easily I could make gorgeous, healthy pancakes at home with no muss or fuss. It even works for cooking eggs too which was a really cool feature.

The Perfect Pancake pan has two sides: The top is a flat griddle while the bottom has four recessed holders. Just heat up the pan and pour your pancake batter (or crack an egg) into each of the recessed holders.  Close the pan while your pancakes or eggs cook. Flip the pan, cook a little while longer and then open the Perfect Pancake and slide your eggs or pancakes out onto a plate or platter. No need for a pancake turner! It really is that simple. And since this pan has a non-stick surface, you don’t need to use oils or butter when cooking which helps cut out some of the calories.

Here is the Perfect Pancake Pan commercial which gives you a good idea how it works:


Pros and Cons

As with anything you buy, the Perfect Pancake has its pros and cons:


  • Nonstick surface means that you never have to use extra butter or oil. No extra fat means no extra calories.
  • Slide pancakes and eggs out without using a spatula or pancake turner.
  • Pancakes look like they were made by a veteran short order cook and are of uniform thickness: No need to worry about uncooked batter in these cakes!
  • You can use the Perfect Pancake to make crepes and fruit pancakes too.
  • Even works for cooking eggs.


  • You can only make pancakes in one size: Larger or “silver dollar” pancakes aren’t possible.
  • The Perfect Pancake maker limits the number of pancakes you can make at one time to to four, though the official website currently has an offer where you can get a second Perfect Pancake for free (just pay the extra shipping).

Where To Buy

Like most products I buy, I purchased through the official website. I got some free bonuses, including a free additional Perfect Pancake pan and a set of recipes. I also got a 30 day money back guarantee in case the Perfect Pancake didn’t work out for me (thankfully it did!).

Final Recommendation

If you’re sick of paying restaurant prices for a good breakfast, or you’re just tired of your pancakes being messy and not coming out properly, the Perfect Pancake is for you. If you’re hoping to cut back on the amount of fat and calories in your cooking, the Perfect Pancake is also for you. Give it a try. I know you will enjoy it!

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