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I am all for eating healthy, but sometimes that doesn’t show in the lunches I pack. Packing healthy foods in a regular lunchbox can be hard because the fruits and veggies tend to turn brown after a while. It’s a well known fact that to stay tasty, healthier foods need to stay as cold as possible. When I came across the PackIt freezable lunch bag, I was pretty excited because it is supposed to work much better than a traditional lunchbox with ice packs. I decided to order one to test it out and I must say, I am pretty impressed.

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Actually one of the main reasons I decided to try out PackIt was because I no longer wanted to use those ice gel packs. This lunchbox helps keep your food cold for up to 10 hours whereas the traditional ice gel packs will only keep your food cold for 2-4 hours. After a few hours, the ice packs start melting all over your foods and if you don’t end up eating your food within that 2-4 hour window, it will start getting warm.

If you have been thinking of trying out the PackIt, read through this review and decide for yourself if you think it’s worth buying. We think you will agree that it is after you read our review.

How the PackIt Works

The way this product works is actually very simple. All you do is put your PackIt in the freezer for a few hours before each use and when you’re ready to pack your lunch or beverages, take it out of the freezer and it will be ready to use. The really nice thing is that when not in use, it folds up to be a very compact size so it doesn’t take up too much room in your freezer. It stays cold for up to 10 hours which is plenty of time for most people (although I would recommend not waiting until the 10 hour window hits and try to eat your food a little sooner if possible).

PackIt also comes in a variety of styles and colors, so each member of the family can have their own unique PackIt. When you’re done using it for the day, just make sure to put it back in the freezer so it stays cold for the next use.

As far as the dimensions go, it’s 10″ tall by 8″ wide and 5″ deep when opened. This is plenty of room for a full lunch, a beverage or 2, and even some reusable containers.

From now on, you don’t have to worry about ice packs taking up room in your lunchbox or melting all over your food, and you don’t have to worry about your food going bad if you don’t eat it quick enough. This product solves all those problems and comes made with eco-friendly materials. The materials used to make the PackIt are non-PVC polyester and a water-based cooling Eco-Gel.

Advantages and Disadvantages

At first I thought the PackIt was just for lunches, but I soon discovered I could use it for more than just that. For one, I can use it for after school snacks or when I take my kids out for the day. If I need to bring cold drinks for an after school sport, then I know this product will deliver.


  • Food stays cold for up to ten hours.
  • You can use it for more than just lunches.
  • Comes in a variety of styles.
  • It’s highly affordable.
  • Eco-friendly materials.
  • Lots of room.


  • The closure is made out of Velcro (still easy to use), although I would prefer if it zipped up or had a more secure closure instead.
  • Have to remember to put in freezer before using. If you forget to freeze it before use, it’s just an ordinary lunchbox.

Bonuses and Where to Buy

After looking around at a few different stores and websites, I’ve found that the official website is the best place to purchase the PackIt. Their website is not only the cheapest place to get it (trust me I looked), but the only place offering the bonus offer which is buy one PackIt, get one free. You will just need to cover the extra shipping cost for the free lunch bag.

My Recommendation

I’m all for saving money and I never buy something unless it’s a good deal. I did some calculations and the amount of money the PackIt saves is totally worth it. Calculate the cost of a regular lunch box, plus freezer packs, plus lost freezer packs and you’ve already saved a large amount of money. For the parent or worker that is looking for a better solution to the traditional lunchbox + ice packs, this is for you. Instead of having to deal with ice packs, you can count on the PackIt to make things easy for you. One of the only things is that you still have to remember to put the PackIt in the freezer AFTER you use it. That’s how it stays cold. That’s not a knock on the product at all, instead it’s something we just need to remember.

Some of you might not be THAT excited about this product, but I am. It’s very simple and it actually does what it says and you get your money’s worth from the get-go. For the moms and dads out there, this product has the potential to make your lives a lot easier simply for the fact that it keeps food cold for long periods of time. For anyone else that decides to use it, I assume your experience would be just as promising. So, I say, go ahead and give this product a shot. I highly recommend the PackIt and I think you will be happy you tried it out!

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