Orbitrim Review – Possible Issues With The Orbitrim

Orbitrim is made to trim grass with a metal blade. The Orbitrim is made with a safety ring that also protects flowers and trees during a trim.

Orbitrim claims that it makes trimming work a simple job regardless of whether or not you’re trimming hedges or cutting super thick grasses.

The simple claims include the idea that it is easy to work with it and creates the edge that you want to see in your yard work.

Depending on what you’re looking for or the reviews that you read, you may have had some trouble deciding on whether or not to buy one of the Orbitrim heads.

Read on and learn a little bit more. Hopefully, by the end, you’ll have more information so you can make an informed decision.

Orbitrim first hit the market back in 2016 which means that it has had some time for people to try it out and give some good feedback based on their experiences.

The commercial claimed that the Orbitrim was innovative because it didn’t use any types of wires or strings. It was designed to be universal as an attachment to gas trimmers of all makes and models.

The commercial made the Orbitrim look like a safe alternative that wouldn’t cause any unwanted choppy cuts.

The steel-bladed Orbitrim was guaranteed by the manufacturer to not be damaged. If it ever did get damaged, they would replace it without any cost to the consumer.

All of that sounds pretty good, right? The question remains as to whether or not it actually works.

Reasons to Consider the Orbitrim

The product is a heavy duty product with its stainless steel blades. The safety ring is the most essential part of the Orbitrim, mainly because it allows you to safely trim grass even around the most delicate plants.

An added bonus to the safety ring is that you can easily see the entire diameter of the cutting space in spite of how quickly the blades actually turn. In many cases, the wires or strings typically seem to disappear, but with the safety ring, you know exactly where you’re cutting.

Nobody likes getting cut because it hurts. Plus, there’s blood, and lots of people aren’t too crazy about that either, so when you pull out your Orbitrim, keep that in mind.

Although it is packaged in a way that appears safe and has that nifty safety ring, that doesn’t mean the blades aren’t sharp. They are, in fact, very sharp an are wrapped in a way that hopefully will prevent you from accidentally cutting yourself as you assemble the Orbitrim.

You may consider assembling the head before taking the plastic off of the blades, so you don’t end up hurting yourself in the process.

Right out of the package, the blades will not need to be sharpened, but over time, they will dull. Just like knives, though, the safest blade is a sharp blade because dull blades can cause unintentional problems like using too much force or slipping when it needs to be in place.

On the bright side, if the blades do become dull, all you need to do is sharpen them just like you would a kitchen knife.

Possible Issues with the Orbitrim

You don’t want to cut into your roses or your other sensitive plants, then the safety ring is a boon to have, but it can still present some issues if you’re just learning how to use it.

In fact, there are plenty of reviews on Amazon that claim there is a definite learning curve to be able to handle it appropriately. It’s heavy, and so that takes some work, too.

The safety ring is excellent at protecting things you don’t want to cut into accidentally, but that doesn’t mean it’s without its own set of issues.

Trimming might not actually be as perfect as the videos and commercials indicate depending on your existing boundaries. If a gap does not exist between the grass and the edge, it becomes possible to not cut the edging properly.

Many question whether or not the Orbitrim will fit the trimmer they already have. The way that the head works is with an adapter that is included with the packaging.

It is important to recognize that you shouldn’t use it on electric trimmers. You also may have compatibility issues with electric, walk-behind, brush cutter trimmers, and possibly battery operated trimmers, too.

Further down, there is a list of compatible gas-powered trimmers. Take note of that list because it is incredibly important because otherwise, the trimmer head will probably cause you some problems.

Perks of Use

Trimming hedges becomes a simple task. You also get to trim your yard without ever changing trimmer line or dealing with tangles. That alone makes using the Orbitrim worlds easier than a traditional trimmer.

Having a steadily sharp blade also means that you won’t have to deal with changing a line or sharpening on any regular basis. It means that you can pull it down, use it, clean it, and put it back many times over.

The People Benefiting The Most

If you have a smaller yard, then the Orbitrim is ideal for you. If you have a lot of flower beds, it’s great for you, too.

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