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One thing that my husband and I can never agree on is the volume on our car stereo or living room television. I’m not sure if it is just a matter of personal preference, but he keeps wanting the sound to be louder than I like it. On the other hand, I sometimes find it hard to hear my kids or pets when I am working around the house: I want to monitor their activities, so I keep on having to go upstairs or downstairs just to make sure that they are ok.

Neither my husband nor myself have a hearing problem, so we certainly don’t want to get hearing aids. But one day we saw an ad for the MSA 30x Sound Amplifier. This is an earbud-like sound amplifier that can be ordered online. We got a set and we’ve both been very pleased with the devices.

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The MSA 30x works by amplifying sound waves, helping you to hear up to 30 times better. The device is small, lightweight and discrete: You won’t stand out for wearing one. Even better, it comes with interchangeable silicone tips so you can get a fit that works best for your ear. It’s actually really comfortable in your ears and half the time you won’t realize it’s there.

What is also unique about the MSA 30x is that it does not require you to constantly replace batteries. Instead, you can just plug the device into the included charger whenever it needs to be recharged. This is perfect for people who are sick of paying high prices for those tiny batteries that are so hard to install.

There’s also a volume button on the back of the piece that allows you to control just how much you want the sound waves to be amplified. Those that have a harder time hearing can turn it up and those that only need a little help can keep it down on the lower setting.

Here’s the MSA 30X commercial which will give you a good idea how the product works and looks on your ear:

Pros and Cons

MSA 30x Sound Amplifier is a great item, but it does have its pros and cons. Here are a few of them:


  • Small and light, it’s hard to tell that you are wearing it.
  • Helps end squabbles over the volume of TV, radio or other audio devices.
  • Use it to monitor kids, pets or others in your household.
  • Includes silicone tips in different sizes for a comfortable fit.
  • No batteries to replace: Great for people with arthritis or poor eyesight.
  • Set includes a cleaning brush.


  • Not a hearing aid substitute, always speak to your doctor about hearing issues.
  • Must be hooked up to recharging station periodically, so make sure you don’t forget to charge it and then leave the house otherwise you risk having it run out of battery on you.

Where To Buy

Definitely buy your MSA 30x Sound Amplifier from the official website. You’ll get a free bonus offer: 2 amplifiers for the price of one, (just pay the extra shipping and handling). You’ll also get a 30 day money-back guarantee.  The cool thing about the 2 for 1 option is that you’ll always have another MSA 30x handy while you’re recharging the other one.

If you’re in Canada, Click Here to be taken to the page for Canadian residents.

Final Recommendation

If you need to keep track of activity in your home, or just need to hear better than you do, check out the MSA 30x Sound Amplifier. It helps you hear much better in a discrete way without costing a lot of money.

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