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We love our grill but don’t cook on it as often as we could. Why? Well, for one thing, cleaning it is a pain. We also get tired of flare-ups and scorched food, particularly when we cook food that’s been marinaded or that we brush with sauce during cooking. Still, there is nothing like freshly grilled steaks, burgers or corn-on-the cob. We had pretty much agreed to use our grill at least once a week during the summer, but then something really cool happened: I was online and saw an ad for Miracle Grill Mat. This was a grilling mat that prevented drips and would keep our grill clean. We were amazed at how well it worked. Now we grill three or four times a week! How Miracle Grill Mat Works The Miracle Grill Mat is a thin mat made out of nonstick material. You just place it on your grill and put your food directly on the mat. The temperature of your food stays the same, but the mat holds the food, marinades, spices and sauces above the grill itself. No dripping, no flames and you can pretty much cook whatever you like on the grill, even smaller foods that might otherwise fall into the the coals! Pros and Cons Of course, the Miracle Grill Mat isn’t perfect: Nothing is. Still, I think it’s a great deal and I love it. Check out the pros and cons below:

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  • Doesn’t interfere with the flavor of your food.
  • Makes clean-up easy: Just wipe the mat instead of scrubbing down your grill!
  • Easy to cut down to fit your grill.
  • Grill any kind of food: No need to worry about it falling into the coals!
  • Avoid scorching and burning caused by inconsistent heat.
  • Prevent flare-ups and irritating smoke caused by food and sauces dripping into the coals.
  • Keep your marinades and sauces on the food, not in your grill.
  • Dishwasher safe.


  • You’ll have to measure out the mat and possibly cut it yourself if it is too large for your grill.

Where to Buy I’d recommend buying yours online, through the official website. They’ll double your order, give you a money back guarantee and even include a free, flexible Miracle Skewer for a small processing fee. This is probably the best deal you’ll be able to find.

Final Recommendation If you like to grill but hate flare ups, lots of smoke and messy clean-ups, get yourself a Miracle Grill Mat. It will make grilling so much easier while ensuring that your grilled foods taste great.

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